Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wheel J: Teal and Turquoise Cremes

Wheel J: Teal and Turquoise Cremes

In the comments to last week's Nail Wheel Wednesday entry, Sara put in a request for teal cremes, so today we are jumping directly from Wheel E to Wheel J, which has most of my teal and turquoise cremes. Surprisingly, I didn't have enough of either to do a full wheel, so they have to share.

Nail wheel

1. OPI Hey Get in Lime (3 coats) [probably would be more at home on the mint wheel]
2. Orly Gumdrop (3)
3. China Glaze For Audrey (3)
4. L'Oreal Waters Edge (3)
5. MUA 5 (3)
6. Catrice I Sea You (3)
7. Models Own Slate Green (3)
8. H & M Bella's Choice (2)
9. China Glaze Flyin' High (3)
10. Hard Candy Frenzy (3)
11. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Fairy Teal (2)
12. P2 Color Victim Dangerous (2)
13. OPI Ski Teal We Drop (2)
14. Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal (2)
15. H & M U Must Have This (2)
16. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away (2)
17. Wet 'n' Wild Craze Maui (2)
18. Maybelline Summer Splash (4) [this is one of the bad bottles, very gritty texture, thus the 4 coats trying to smooth it]
19. Essence Multi Dimension Groovy (3)
20. China Glaze Shower Together (4)

Edited 12-Mar-2012 to add bottle pics—

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 11:

12 through 14:

15 through 20:


  1. thank you so much for this - very helpful for those who do not have many colours.. (like me!)

    I only have one colour on that wheel and now I see I will need to get a few more... um...

  2. OMG!! I want all of them!!

    Check this out!

  3. Models Own Slate Green has been on my wish list for ages, your wheel has confirmed what I already knew - I NEEEEEEEEED that polish!

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  5. Nice! I'm not a huge fan of teals but I see a few I like!

  6. Thanks so much for posting this - exactly what I've been looking for! I don't wear heaps of teal, but I'm still looking for my ideal, and this helps narrow the field a bit! So many "teals" are really blue when you get them on the nail!

    Hi from Elizabby of MUA, who just found your blog!

  7. thanks you so much for your wheels!!
    it is really helpful


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