Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ten Things

As I mentioned a few entries back, I've not been doing well keeping up with tags. Last week ago, necessary★nails passed along the Happy 101 award, and before I managed to stop procrastinating and respond, Ping from Another Nail Blog, Freshie from Polish Freshie, and Ali from Ali's Nail News tagged me with it as well. Thanks, ladies!

Happy 101 Badge

The rules for this one:
1. Post who gave you this award
2. State 10 things you like
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment

10 things I like (trying not to repeat things I've mentioned here recently):
1. Animals (though I don't have any of my own right now), with guinea pigs, capybaras, and snow monkeys being particular favorites
2. Skiing (downhill; I've never tried cross country)
3. Cheese (especially sharp cheddar and semi-soft goat)
4. Theme parks
5. Going to the movies (though I don't manage it nearly as often as I'd like)
6. Wandering in old cemeteries
7. NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
8. Reading paranormal romance novels
9. Sleeping in on weekends (I'd like it on weekdays, too, but having to work messes that up)
10. diet Coke (with and without lime)

I hereby tag these blogs, which are some of the ones on my blogroll that I think more people should know about:
1. (Squoval)icious! I like seeing the brands she uses that are exotic to me, like Elianto and Bichun (and I also like her cute bunny, Stompy, who shows up once in a while).
2. .little green heart. She has elegant fingernails and cute toes and adorns both with nail art that I can only hope to develop the skills to copy one day.
3. Canadian Nail Fanatic She has some great stamping ideas (and long nail beds that I wish I could magically turn mine into).
4. Chikis Nails She's such a dedicated blogger that she posted entries from her vacation in El Salvador recently (and is another person whose nailbeds I'd like to transform mine into).
5. For the Love of Lacquer A nice mix of hauls, reviews, and swatches, with pictures that are nice and clear.
6. Ivana* I appreciate all the swatches she does of European brands (Essence lines we don't get here, H&M, etc.) so I know what to put on my wish list, and I always like her Konads.
7. Matilda's Manis Another good source of swatches for me to populate my wish list with British brands like Models Own.
8. Nail Junkie Lots of great Konad ideas, and I love that her mom's nail make guest appearances from time to time.
9. Paillette: a little nail polish journal Lots of swatches and layering ideas and comparisons; I either have or want pretty much everything she shows.
10. Spooky Nails Makes the extra effort to write in two languages so English monolinguals such as me can do more than just admire her great photos of great manis.


  1. Cheese? I haven't travelled extensively in the US but I don't remember great bread or cheese. I was very surprised because you have a million different coffees and just about everything else anyone could ever imagine but the bread and cheese weren't very diverse. You like cheese? Come to Europe!

  2. oh my god, thank you thank you! :D It means a lot for me :) Now i need to re-tag right?:)

  3. jaljen, a lot the cheese I eat is imported from Europe. :) When our grocery store got upgraded, they put in a specialty cheese section, so I can get stuff from all over. There are some nice home grown U.S. cheddars and artisan blues (though blues are not my favorite), though.

    sabbatha, yes, passing it on is good form. :)

  4. @KarenD,
    You are SO KIND :) thank you so so much! <3

    im super envious of your 4 helmers ;) hehe

  5. Thanks for the Tag! Love those shoes!!

  6. another skier! yay! you are my first blogger friend that i know of that likes to ski! although now that i live in PA again, not so much great places to ski!

  7. oh, so where do you like to ski?

  8. jbrobeck, I'm spoiled now and pretty much just ski out west in the real mountains rather than the hills which pretend to be mountains here in Michigan. We're lucky to have friends who've relocated to Colorado (one couple near Vail and one in Steamboat) so we go visit them, and not quite a year ago Mr. K and I bought a ski condo/retirement home in Idaho at Schweitzer Mountain that we hope to spend a lot of time at. It's still fun to go for long weekends in northern Michigan or Ontario, but those are more social events than serious skiing. :)

  9. Karen i am spoiled too. We skied breckenridge, vail, copper, beaver creek, and steamboat. I don't even try to ski here! We actually spent a year living in vail. Needless to say we went broke!

  10. Thank you so much for the tag! I think this tag help me to get more followers. :P Thanks a lot for this kind words, I really apreciate this! :*

  11. Ivana, you're quite welcome!

    jbrobeck, yeah, Colorado is pricey (and sometimes crowded), which is how we ended up buying in Idaho, where regular people can still afford stuff. :) I do like to visit CO, though!


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