Friday, August 13, 2010

Four Times Two is Eight

I have gotten behind in my meme-ing, so today I am mashing together Friday Four/Four Things, as tagged by Zara at Never Unpolished and Nail Junkie, and Eight Questions, as tagged by Debbie at This Week I Have Mostly Been Loving.

4 things found in my purse:
—My trusty old Canon PowerShot SD600
—Small tube of Mango Mend
—Six shades of lipstick/gloss, though I rarely remember to use any of them
—Two pair of lilac-colored foam ear plugs

4 favorite things in my room/house:
—My husband (granted, he's not a fixture, but in a fire, I'd save him first)
—Art Deco-era bedroom set I inherited from my grandmother, especially the vanity with the big round mirror
—My stashes (nail polish, fabric, yarn--I inherited collecting genes from both parents)
—Quilts I've made, like this one:


4 things I've always wanted to do:
—Visit Australia & New Zealand (I used to threaten to run away to NZ when I was little)
—Visit Hawaii
—Knit a Kaffe Fassett-style sweater
—Have a chauffeur (I don't mind driving, but I could do so many other things with that time, like read or knit; not that getting my own driver is in any way realistic, unlike the other three things on this list, which might happen one day)

4 things I'm currently into (besides nail polish and blogging):
—Procrastinating on working on my quilt in progress
—Planning my upcoming vacations
—Playing with my new phone (a Droid)
—Decluttering (okay, there's a bit of wishful thinking putting this on the list)

4 things you might not know about me:
—I've studied Spanish, French, and Japanese (and never managed to learn much of any of them)
—I can drive a stick shift
—I had my first kiss at band camp
—I spent the night once on the steps of the Field Museum in Chicago

Debbie's eight questions and my answers:

1. What type of fragrance do you go for—floral, oriental, woody, etc.?
2. And what is your favourite perfume?
I just this week bought perfume for the first time in years; I got Bulgari Omnia Amethyste, which I think is a green floral, if the Ulta website and my nose are to be believed.

3. Long nails or short?

4. If you had £100 to spend on make up/nail varnish/skin care what would you buy?
Hmm, I think that's about $150 at the current exchange rate. I might use it to get one of the hard to find polishes on my wish list or maybe upgrade my skincare routine. I like a lot of Dermalogica and DDF and Peter Thomas Roth stuff but it just seems so pricey.

5. What product would get your "Top stuff for under a tenner" vote?
Sally Hansen Insta Dri top coat. I've used up bottles and bottles of this stuff.

6. Have you ever used a product that just did not deliver? If so what was it?
In a weak moment, I bought the Smooth Away Hair Removal system. What it removed was skin, leaving the hair mostly intact.

7. Go to the gym, eat healthily and look after yourself or bloody big pants?
I strive for balance between the two, but big pants seem to have the upper hand.

8. You have a voucher for a beauty treat - what treatment would you have?
This is tough, since I'm not a spa or salon type of gal. If it were a big enough voucher, I'd bring my (self professed) high maintenance friend along and just do what she was having done.

Since I already tagged some ladies earlier this week and am so behind that many of you have already been visited by these memes, I'm not going to tag anyone today, but if you're inspired to do one or both of them, please leave a link in the comments to your entry.

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