Monday, September 27, 2010

Chanel Soho

When I ordered the khakis, I also got the two shades Chanel released to celebrate the re-opening of the Soho Store, Steel and Strong.

Steel is a charcoal grey shimmer. The polish in the bottle I got was rather thick, not the easy to apply goodness I've come to expect from Chanel. I used two coats, though I might have been able to stop at one if I'd been more careful applying it.

I was decidedly underwhelmed by Steel indoors, so took it out in the sun to see if it would look better in bright light. It didn't, not really. The shimmer did show up better, and I caught some sparks of blue I hadn't seen inside, but it still did not enchant me.

Looking through my blacks, whites, and greys drawer, I found a couple much cheaper polishes to compare to Steel.

Left to right: Massini After Hours, Chanel Steel, Ulta Salon Little Black Dress.

Top to bottom: After Hours, Steel, Little Black Dress.

The Massini and the Ulta are less subtle shimmers than the Chanel, so they're not dupes, but the look is similar enough for me.

Strong is a deep brownish plum shimmer. Really deep, like almost black.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any good shots of Strong in the sun. Like Steel, its shimmer was more visible in the brighter light, but it wasn't anything dramatic.

Of course I did a comparison.

Left to right: Massini Catwalk Queen, Chanel Strong, GOSH Mystery Night.

Top to bottom (indoors): Catwalk Queen, Strong, Mystery Night.

Top to bottom (outdoors): Catwalk Queen, Strong, Mystery Night.

No dupes here, either; the Chanel is my least favorite of the three.

I'm thinking these Chanels might be headed for my swap box (or that blog sale I keep thinking I'll get around to having one of these months). They're just not that special to my eyes.


  1. honeypie, one word, two syllables. RE-TURN. get your $$ back! for realz.

  2. Yeah, these aren't really all that spectacular or neat. I prefer the Ulta Salon Little Black Dress over Steel.

  3. They're pretty, but plain. I like Catwalk Queen over Strong. And Little Black Dress over Steel.
    I swear, I'm cursed to hate everything Chanel.
    If they end up in your swap box, I hope you get something awesome in return!

  4. The Massini look great. The Chanel? I'm with Chaos - swap them for something goooooooooood.

  5. I'll be first in line for your blog sale! LOL. I went back and forth on these but finally decided they're not special enough to merit the $25 price tag. I would pay $10-$15 for them, but definitely not full price. They're pretty, but like you, prefer the much cheaper alternatives.

    The Khakis are a totally different matter though!

  6. Close enough for me to pass on the Chanel cause of the price. There are so many pretty in the bottle but so dark on the nail polishes out there these days. *sigh*

  7. CHANEL you can do better then this! We expect more!

  8. I like these polishes but will admit they are defn not unique! I realised that Steel is kinda like my Essie Over the Top but the Essie one is prettier... oh well. I still really like mine but as someone else said - Chanel can do better. We can't return things in Australia either - we just have to wear it! hehehehe

    thank you for posting these pics!


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