Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Displays

Around here, Rite Aid got the jump on the other stores when it came to Halloween this year, putting out their holiday displays at the end of August. Once school started, though, other places started to catch up fast; in the last month I've seen Halloween polishes at Meijer and Walgreens and Ulta and (but not so much at CVS for some reason—maybe they're hiding their stuff in a section I don't go into).

You may remember the glow-in-the-dark glitter and neon/black/white creme pumpkins from the Rite Aid displays I shared early this month. Meijer put out some of those same polishes plus more but not in those displays, just lined up in boxes on the shelf. In addition to the colors that Rite Aid had, they had two more cremes (teal and lime), and seven shades of chunky glitter (these colors looked more suited to Christmas and Hanukkah but they were definitely in pumpkin bottles). They also had some of the pumpkins individually packaged.

Not too far from the pumpkins was a display of glow-in-the-dark glitters called Nite Lites. BunnyMasseuse had sent me a photo of these at her Ulta a few weeks ago so I had been keeping an eye out. After I spotted them at Meijer they did show up at my Ulta as well. There are four shades of these: Pink Flamingo, Blue Moonglo, Tangelo, and Glo Worm Green.

These Nite Lite glitters strongly resemble the pumpkin ones; look at the greens:

The back label on the Nite Lite ones say they're distributed by Diamond Cosmetics, Sunrise, FL; I thought the pumpkins were from Blue Cross but the label doesn't say.

Next to the Nite Lites was a stack of Color Club sets, with four polishes and some decals. The back of the box says the polish colors are Bewitching, Charmed I'm Sure, Spellbound, and Hocus Pocus, though which is which I don't know. The glitter reminds me a lot of Magic Attraction.

Meijer also had Claw Polish in coffin-shaped bottles; I'd seen this a week or two earlier at a local chain drugstore. The display was six slots wide but there were only five different colors; I don't know if one color was already sold out or what. The ones that were there were Poison (purple), VooDoo (red glitter), Sinister (black), Bloodshed (red creme), and Toxic (green).

On a bottom shelf at a different Meijer, I found a Manic Panic display. Because it was out in a main aisle very near the greeter at the front door, I was trying to be more stealthy about my picture taking, so I didn't get a great shot of. Look in the gloom at the bottom right of the shot to catch a glimpse.

There were four polishes in the display, in witchy-looking pointed cap bottles. I didn't manage to get the shade names on these.

And finally, not in the Halloween section but they feel sort of related to me because of the vampire angle, I saw the
Twilight collection by Nox.

Front section, left to right: Chiffon, Poseidon, Debutante, Crush, Citrus, Disco Darling. Back section, left to right: Red Velvet, Wine & Dine, Sugar Plum, Sangria, Talon, Black Tie.

These were 6.99 for 17ml (.58 oz.), which puts them in about the same price class as Orly and Sally Hansen Complete Salon. I know what I'm getting with Orly and SH, but I don't know Nox, so I didn't get any of these. I did think the metal emblem on the back of the bottles was interesting (or maybe that was the front and the ones in the display were backwards); I don't have anything like it in my stash.

I don't understand what a lot of the Nox colors have to do with Twilight. If they'd asked me, I would have told them they needed an amber (like Edward's eyes) and a forest green (for all the trees around Forks) and a grey (for the overcast and rainy days that make it possible for the vamps to be out and about). What colors say "sparkly emo vampire" to you?


  1. wow these are a lot of halloween polishes! I've only seen the glow in the dark pumpkin polishes and picked up a few of those. I hope I find the others soon!

  2. Awesome post! I need to get my hands on a lot of these. Oh, and I think you're right about the Twilight polishes. They also should have had better names!

  3. Love those little pumpkin polishes! They are way too cute!

  4. zomg I need the Manic Panic polishes, just for the bottles. I am praying to the drugstore gods that something out here gets them since we don't have Meijer

  5. I picked up NOX's debutante for ...$9.99 (CDN)!!! When I went to the cash, the woman gave me $2.00 off. but still. it was a lot!

    I really liked the color in the bottle, but when I put it on, my hands looked like ive been a tobacco user for the past 15 years...the duocrome flashed a gross orange color. Ive been testing it a few ways and I think using a white base is the best option as the pink shows through more.

    Other than this weird colour, the application was good. My drugstore had the metal emblem thing showing as the front...weird.

  6. When I see all this, I just wish I lived in the US. This is so great!! Only looking at it in stores would make me happy... sigh... These cute pumpkins, the mini set of color club, the Nox polish, everything! There´s just no place in the Netherlands where you see so many polishes together. But next year I´ll be in Miami :D

  7. Ah, I love those little pumpkin bottles! I need to search the rite aid here and see what they have.

  8. Great post! I hope I see some of these in Walgreens...we don't have a Meijers or Rite Aid where I live.

  9. I really want those Twilight polishes since I saw them swatched on another blog. But seriously, I'll probably buy the pumpkin polishes instead. Look how happy they look!

    I hope my Meijers starts carrying Manic Panic polishes.

  10. Wow those manic panic ones look cool!

  11. WOW! Thanx for sharing this!!
    If I were you... I would buy all of them!

  12. awesome post, i looooove halloween :) too bad they don't have these brands in any of the Canadian stores :( The NOX ones are only available at one chain of drugstores in Ontario and sell for $10!

    The coffin ones look cool, and i'd love to try the glow in the dark ones. I found a glow in the dark top coat polish at a dollar store, its works alright but smells so bad!

  13. Cool...I wonder if I can find these in my area. I really want a glow in the dark polish. =)

  14. Oh I'm so glad these are in Meijer now!! I've been on the look out since your previous post. LOL. Even going into drug stores I don't usually go to!

    Going shopping for a Halloween party this weekend & Meijer has the Halloween plates I want for it, just might have to mosey to the Health And Beauty section while mom isn't looking, haha.

  15. Omg I'm so so so jealous of every human being with a Meijer near them. You guys have Color Club sets with the cute stickers!!
    And the cute but oddly evil-looking pumpkins!
    AND the twilight nail polish!
    Ahhhh *faints from sheer jealousy*

  16. WOW! Your display of pumpkin head polishes is awesome, my local drugstores, displays are small and empty :(:(

    I need to find a local place that has the twilight polishes, what a great find :)

    Thanks for sharing ;)

  17. Awww wow, I love the little pumpkin bottles! :D
    The Twilight polishes are quite expensive, but some of the swatches I've seen look quite pretty and original.

  18. okay karen you must tell often do you go to rite aid? Twice a week?

    i've been trying to get my hands of some fall 2010 collections and everytime I go the collections are sold out or there are 2 ugly colors left. Every time you post the new collections it is a picture of the full collection. you are so lucky to get first dibs on everything

  19. OMG, Karen! Those Jack-o-lantern bottles are too cute and now I must get my hands on some of the Twilight polishes- they look gorgeous!

    Thanks for the pix and the post!


  20. I have a couple of the pumpkins for years ago. It's shear but still, glow in the dark is fun.

    I LOVE the coffin polishes. lol

    That is a lot of halloween polishes. I hope we can get some more variety like this in Central Florida.

  21. Oh my. I'm going to have to quit stopping by your blog. Your killing me with these posts. I can never find ANY of this cool stuff. Its probably a good thing because I'd go crazy buying it - but now I know what I'm missing. LOL

  22. my goodness, i'm a bit jealous - havn't seen ANY of these here :( can't wait to go to my husbands homestate where Meijer and Rite Aid exist. Never realized halloween was so fun until nail polish collecting started :)

  23. The pumpkin polishes look really cute! ^__^ Are the glow in the dark ones just topcoats?


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