Saturday, September 25, 2010

P2 Cracks Up

More non-U.S. goodies today, this time from amused Polish who was kind enough to swap with me again even though I've had not one but two packages sent to her in previous swaps go astray (though the replacements did make it, it's just my successful delivery rate is way, way lower for Austria than any other place for some reason).

Left to right: P2 Color Victim Vibrant, P2 Crackling Top Coat Black Explosion, Isadora Grafitti Nails Masterpiece Pink, P2 Energetic Blue, Isadora Grafitti Nails Subway Green, P2 Crackling Top Coat Silver Blast, P2 Color Victim Trouble.

The blue in the center is in the cutest bottle; pick it up and there's a flower!

It was very hard to decide which of these to try first. I settled on Vibrant, a green creme that reminds me of OPI Jade is the New Black. It applied like a dream and only needed two coats.

Pretty as Vibrant was on its own, you know that with so many crackle options at my fingertips I was not going to be able to leave it alone. I used one coat of the shimmery P2 Silver Blast over the almost dry green and it sure did crack. I had such fun watching it transform. When it seemed to have stopped cracking, I put some top coat on to shine it up and smooth it out just a bit.

I hope the resurgence of crackling top coats in other countries means U.S. brands will bring them back soon, because they're a lot fun.


  1. I bought those crackling topcoats last week, they're so much fun!But I do think the black one gives a more dramatic effect:)

  2. I'm glad you like the polishes. I couldn't resist to add the flower-y bottle :)

    I think i heard/read in an german bulletin board(a bit like mua) that it's a dupe/close to jade is the new black.

  3. The crackle on the green looks like you have icy frost on your nails. Very cool effect.

  4. I love your swap. I need to get more Isadora polishes.

  5. I swapped for some crackle polishes too but haven't used them yet-posts like this makes it hard to wait! Love the effect of the crackle and hope they make it to North America!

  6. I'm not into crackles but love that green shade and that flower shape bottle :)

  7. Green is clearly one of your colours - that looks great on you!! I thought this was a post on playstation 2! hehehe

  8. AWesome swap package. I love my international connections. I have a great time filling boxes with stuff I think they'd like and I love getting what they ship me. Enjoy your excellent additions to your stash. :)


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