Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wheel I: Blue Cremes

Nail wheel

1. Brucci Kathy's Baby Blues (4 coats)
2. Studio M Whose That Girl (sic) (4)
3. Finger Paints Blissfully Blue (4)
4. Color Club Factory Girl (5) [needed every one of these coats]
5. Isadora Wonder Nail 624 Baby Blue (3)
6. OPI What's With the Cattitude (4)
7. L'Oreal Ocean Breeze (3)
8. Sally Hansen Insta Dri Blue Blast (2)
9. OPI No Room for the Blues (2)
10. Orly Snowcone (2) [this is my favorite of all of these, a bit deeper/greyer in real life than it looks here on my screen]
11. GOSH Gypsy Blue (2)
12. Ulta Blue Streak (2)
13. Barry M Cobalt Blue (2)
14. Essie Mesmerize (2)
15. Pure Ice French Kiss (3)
16. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Denim Creme (4) [old and thin]
17. Orly La Playa (2)
18. Ulta Moody Blues (3)
19. Maybelline Salon Finish Maybe Navy (3)
20. Massini Ballroom Blue (3) [this leans toward teal but is so dark it's hard to see that after the first coat]

The pale 4 coaters probably could have gotten away with three, but I like to err on the side of more coats with pale shades.


  1. I really love your nail wheel posts! It's really cool to see all the colors gradated like that!

    I need to get myself some and swatch my collection... I just can't seem to find a store that sells them!

  2. But where is OPI Suzi says feng shui, which is my fav??? :)
    this is one of the most beautiful wheels I've ever seen. I wish I had all of them.

  3. Very nice. I love blue polish, especially all the light ones. I think your favorite is my favorite, too, although it is hard to pick a favorite in this collection :)

  4. misscarley, I get mine from Transdesign since I've never seen them in stores, either. I've heard reports that some Sally Beauty locations are starting to stock wheels, and there are some eBay sources as well, but now that I've started with the TD ones, I want to stick with those so my wheels match. Hope they don't discontinue them anytime soon!

    theallamenta, that's a very good question. I guess Suzi must have been hiding somewhere the day I pulled these out of the drawer to swatch. I'll have to go look for her.

    Binara, I know, there are a lot great blues out lately.

  5. Ahh, blue cremes, now your talking my language! Awesome!

  6. Light blue is my fav nail polish colr! And greens too... but I also love turquoises, and reds! Hmm but purples too and... well all colors ! Hahaa!


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