Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wheels G and H: Red Cremes and Shimmers

Two nail wheels for this installment of Nail Wheel Wednesday:

Nail wheel
Red Cremes

1. OPI Off With Her Red (3 coats)
2. Orly Poison Apple (3)
3. OPI Red My Fortune Cookie (3)
4. Maybelline Great Finish Red Alert (3)
5. Nails Inc. Milan (2)
6. Maybelline Salsa Sun (4, not for coverage but to even out the texture, which was horrid)
7. Wet 'n' Wild Cherry Pop (3)
8. Maybelline Wet Shine Cherry Rain (3)
9. Essie Hoe Down Brown (3)
10. Essie Really Red (3)
11. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Cardinal (3)
12. L'Oreal Cherry (4)
13. Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day Resilient Red (3)
14. Maybelline Salon Finish Pomegranate (4)
15. Maybelline Express Finish Red Caviar (3)
16. Borghese Rubino Red (2)
17. Essie A-List (3)
18. Essie Limited Addiction (3)
19. Essie Gig Merlot (3)
20. Maybelline Salon Expert Jazzy (3)

Nail wheel
Red Shimmers

1. Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Beaming (2 coats)
2. NYC In a New York Color Minute Madison Avenue (2)
3. Borghese Roma Scarlet (3)
4. Essence Colour & Go So Glamourous (3)
5. Maybelline Colorama Night on the Town (3)
6. Massini Fall Promo Shade (2)
7. Studio M Special Effects (2) [this may be exactly the same as #6, just released later with a real name]
8. Borghese Venetian Red (4—not sure what happened)
9. Sally Hansen Salon Ru-by or Not to Be (3)
10. Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Luminous (2)
11. Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Dazzling (2)
12. OPI Thanks So Muchness (2)
13. OPI French Bordeaux (3)
14. Maybelline Express Finish Rare Ruby (5—could have been 4, but I dented it accidently)
15. Sally Hansen HD Zip (2)
16. L'Oreal Caught Red-Handed (3)
17. Maybelline Express Finish Party Girl Red (4—some of these old ones are quite thin)
18. Essie Show Stopper (3)
19. Essie After Sex (3)
20. NYC Nail Glossies 227 (3)


  1. This is a great way to find dupes! I need to get some nail rounds :)

  2. This is so helpful...especially for reds because there are so many of them out there. Thanks a ton for this!!!

  3. I need some more reds. That's what this post is telling me.

  4. karen have you ever posted your entire collection and all the swatches up?

    I know that you have a VERY impressive collection

  5. shortwidenails, the closest I've come so far is my stash post a while back, but that was just showing the Helmer drawers. Someday maybe I'll get through swatching everything. :)

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  7. I totally need to do some wheels.
    I love red nail polish.
    This was very helpful.

    I nominated you for an award.
    No pressure to participate in paying it forward. I respect that not everyone has the time to do these things.

  8. I just realised after ordering Limited Addiction it is a bit darker than I thought.

    Do you know I have ordered nail wheels also (yep completely copycating here) because I seriously love the idea of being so organised!!

    Great way to know if you have dupes, too many one gradient, not enough of another etc. I love it!
    thanks for this


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