Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wheel F: Lighter Purple Cremes

Time once again for Nail Wheel Wednesday. Today it's purple cremes on the lighter end of the scale compared to the purple cremes that kicked off this series. I experimented with some camera settings and shot this one outside of the lightbox so had less manipulation to do to get the colors as close as possible to reality (at least on my monitors).

Nail wheel

1. Viva la Diva 13 (3 coats)
2. Barry M Berry Ice Cream (3)
3. Zoya Perrie (3)
4. Essence Colour & Go No More Drama (3)
5. Studio M Sweet Dreams (3)
6. Eyeko Lilac (2)
7. 10 Pro Spring Awakening (2)
8. Confetti Belle of the Ball (3)
9. Viva la Diva 114 (2)
10. Ulta Tutu Cute (3)
11. Zoya Malia (3)
12. Sally Hansen Insta Dri Urgent Orchid (2)
13. BB Couture Cap Haiten (3)
14. Maybelline Express Finish Goody Plum Drop (3) [this actually has an almost invisible shimmer]
15. GOSH Wild Lilac (3)
16. Essence Multi Dimension The One and Only (2)
17. China Glaze Spontaneous (3)
18. Rescue Beauty Lounge Purple Haze (3)
19. Finger Paints Lavender Highlight (3)
20. China Glaze Grape Pop (2) [not sure why I included this one, since it was already on the first purple cremes wheel and it's nowhere near as light as the others here]

Are there some dupes and close enoughs here? Of course. For starters, I think I only really need two or three of the whole swath between 5 and 13. Think of all the room I'll have in my Helmers if I ever manage to de-dupe!


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