Thursday, September 9, 2010

Maybelline Grand in Green

Grand in Green is the only one of the colors in the Maybelline Fashion Week Fall 2010 polish display I've gotten, at least so far. (You can see the display in this entry, and the makeup display with two more polishes in this entry—I bought the grey from that one.) This one's a very dark green creme, and fortunately I didn't have any of the application or formula issues I had with a few of the cremes from this past spring and summer; it went on smoothly in three coats (I probably could have done two, but I was curious to see if it would keep behaving as I added coats, and it did).

Of course I had to see how it compared to my other recent dark green addition, Milani One of a Kind, which I posted about a couple days ago.

Milani One of a Kind (left), Maybelline Grand in Green (right).

Top to bottom: Grand in Green, One of a Kind, Grand in Green, One of a Kind.

Grand in Green is bluer, a teensy bit lighter, and not as squishy/jelly-ish. In many lighting conditions, they both look black. I'm tempted to try putting on my frankening hat and seeing if I can lighten them up a bit.


  1. Wow, so close. I'd love to know how to lighten some of the too-dark-to-look-like-black colours

  2. On the computer you really can't tell a difference in those 2.

  3. If you do franken these lighter, please post your results! I'd love to see if it is possible (but I've lost my frankening mojo lately with too many bottles of fail, lol).

  4. These are lovely! I like One of a Kind a little better.


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