Monday, September 13, 2010

Mo' Displays

Time once again for another episode of "All My Displays". First up, China Glaze Vintage Vixen, which I first saw at Sally Beauty at the end of July but my Ulta just put it out last week.

As you've no doubt seen elsewhere, there are twelve colors in this collection (Bogie, Classic Camel, Emerald Fitzgerald, First Class Ticket, Foxy, Goin' My Way, Hey Doll, Ingrid, Jitterbug, Midnight Mission, Riveter Rouge, and Swing Baby). I bought a couple the first time I saw them, then a few more in a an e-tailer order, then another one because I had a coupon and was regretting not getting it, and so on. I've now got eight of the twelve and have so far managed to control my urge to complete the set.

Next, new Sally Hansen Insta-Dri limited edition colors for fall. As you can see from the price stickers plastered all over, I spotted these at Rite Aid.

Front, left to right: Metallic Momentum, Instant Coffee, Ruby Rocket, Purple Bolt. Back, left to right: Silver Sweep, Golden Flash, Cherry Blaze, Sonic Plum.

I haven't gotten any of these yet, since I'm hoping to find them on sale somewhere soon. Metallic Momentum looks the most interesting to me. I'm a bit surprised there's no green or blue in this grouping, popular as those two colors seem to be right now.

Also spotted at Rite Aid (though not price stickered as aggressively as the Sally Hansens): L'Oreal The Color of Hope collection, which includes four nail polishes. There's Delicate Dusk, Sovereign Silver, Color of Hope, and Imperial Plum. Sovereign Silver is a shimmer; the other three are cremes. I didn't buy any of these, either, and I'm not sure I will, since they seem dupe-y to things I already have (though I might decided to get them just to make sure and let you all know what I find).

Right next to Vintage Vixen at Ulta was this small Orly Halloween display. No new shades here (Liquid Vinyl, Orange Punch, and Goth), but I thought it was cute (and they didn't change the names to try and fool me into thinking these were not re-promotes).

On the shelf below the Orly was a CHI display I hadn't seen before, for the New York City collection.

Left to right: Snow Angels in Central Park, Subway to Wall Street, Late Night Dinner in Soho, Crazy Cab Ride on Broadway, Ferry to Lady Liberty (missing), Night Lights of Times Square, Carriage Ride to Radio City, My Cornerstone in Manhattan.

I don't know if Ferry to Lady Liberty was so fabulous that it sold out immediately or what; I'll be looking out for that one at my other Ulta, since I do like greys and assume that's what it is based on the color below its empty space. Subway to Wall Street also looks interesting to me. My Cornerstone in Manhattan also attracted my attention; I'm pretty sure I don't have anything that color, and I'm pretty sure that's because it'd be on the ugly side of fugly with my skintone, but I might try it anyway. The others don't excite me.

Let's move on to our last stop, Meijer, where I spotted the Revlon Suede Rhapsody display. It doesn't say "holiday" anywhere on here, but all the red and green and white sure looks like Christmas to me. There are four polishes here, all matte suede finish: Fire Fox, Ruby Ribbon, Emerald City, and Powder Puff. I got the last two to try out.

Finally, tucked away on a bottom shelf near the outer wall of the Meijer, I found the Studio M fall display. Unlike last year, when the all the fall shades were labeled "Fall Promo Shade", these have names.

Left to right: Not So Subtle, Sophisticated Lad (perhaps "Lady" wouldn't fit on the label), Plum Perfection, Get the Blues, Reddy for Action, Lost in the Forrest (sic), Wicked Hot, Decidedly Devious.

Since Studio M is made by the same parent company as Color Club, it's always fun to play "spot the dupe". I don't have all that many Color Clubs, so I'm not very good at the game. Is Get the Blues the same as Gossip Column from Rebel Debutanate? No idea. I'll be swatching this collection soon and maybe you all can tell me which Color Clubs might be dupes.

See anything you like in these displays?


  1. Haven't seen Studio M before. None of the displays looks great except the Orly. I like that display but the polishes are old - not that it matters as I don't have any of them but I wish I did!

  2. Karen!!! OMG did you see the holiday related glow in the dark glitter polishes in light orange/green/pink and blue?

    I'm such a polish addict, I picked up the orange and green! When I have a moment I'll see if I can upload the shot of the display I saw at Ulta...

  3. Yeah, I like the Vintage Vixen collection and the New York one (of course!)
    Plus, I gave you a sunshine award! <3

  4. I love your display posts- very helpful. I don't think I've ever seen Studio M polishes were I'm from.

    The camera I used is a Nikon D40 by the way.

  5. Looks like a lot of pretty polishes

  6. maybe studio M for Studio Michigan? lol, I've not seen it before. And all the color names, though there seem like big typo mistakes...hmmm. I never really liked the Vintage Vixen display, I always thought it was lacking. I think that CHI display looks like Christmas too, I wanna go try out the My Corner Manhatten thingey, I bet it is on the ugly side of fugly for me too!

  7. Thanks for posting these--I've never seen Studio M either.

  8. My first impression is that Get the Blues is not a dupe for Gossip Columm- GC has got more teal in it- but I shall wait for your swatches :)

  9. Thanks, everyone! Studio M (formerly known as Massini) is, as far as I know, only available in a chain of stores called Meijer; they're based in Michigan but have expanded to several midwest states. And AggiePigeon, you're right about the names; the spring collection had one called "Whose That Girl".

    Bunny Masseuse, no, I did not see those! I will have to keep an eye out.

    Lois, thanks for the tag!

  10. I love these posts! They remind me that I need to go shopping...hahah!

    I wish that Canada would receive more collections...

  11. That's amusing that it said "Lad" on the Studio M because when I went in search of some new fall polish at my Meijer it actually was "Lady" LOL.

    I got the Not So Subtle and I love it. Never got Studio M before, which was a shocker because they're so cheap, so I only bought the one...wished I had gotten some of the other colors I was having a hard time choosing between.


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