Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunshine Award

makeup CRAZIE!, Twisted Nails, and NailYorkCity all tagged me for the Sunshine Award. Thanks so much, ladies!

Sunshine Award Badge

The rules for this award:
1. Post the image on your blog
2. Link the blogger who gave it to you
3. Pass it on to 12 other bloggers
4. Link those 12 bloggers
5. Let them know you've tagged them by commenting on their blog

I'm going to pass this on to 10 people rather than 12, as two of the ones I had on my original list are going on a blog break soon, so I'll link them next time when they'll be around to bask in the glow of being tagged. (What? I bask, doesn't everyone?) Here are some blogs I enjoy that I think more people should know about:

Albaster Lacquer
She does awesome frankens and takes lots of pictures in different lights so I can see how the polishes really look.

Ali's Nail News
Great photos, including extreme closeups, of polishes that aren't out of reach for most of us (at least in the U.S.).

Lemming Monster
Great photos that make me want nearly every polish she shows. Fortunately, I already have a lot of them.

Mirannies' Nails
She showcases a wide variety of polishes and does some great layering and stamping.

Impeccable application and super photos.

Never Ending Obsession
Love getting her southern hemisphere look at the polish world, including things like BYS colors.

Another good one for showing polishes in different lights. Also, I just like looking at her gorgeous long nail beds. (That's not weird to say, is it?)

Posh Pigments: A Beauty & Nail Art Blog
Does lots of fun Konad designs and shows polishes I don't see a lot of places.

Tier's Thoughts
Great variety of colors and also gives nice glimpses into her life beyond nail polish.

two clumsy hearts and nails
I love seeing her try different things as she expands her nail polish collection.

As always, I will not have a problem if any recipients don't pass this along for whatever reason (already got it, don't have time, hate tags, etc.); I just wanted to recognize them because I like their blogs.


  1. Thank you, this is so kind of you!! I´ll place it on my blog.

  2. Thanks so much! :) I'll be putting this up on my blog soon!

  3. Thanks so much for the tag! I'll pass it on soon. Today has been quite crazy for me, maybe tomorrow?

  4. Thanks for the tag! I really appreciate it :)

  5. Thank you so much for the tag! :-) That's so nice of you. *hugs* I'll be putting it up on my blog soon.


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