Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Displays, Round 2

Spring weather still hasn't settled in around here, but more and more spring-colored polishes are showing up in stores. Since my last display post, I've seen a bunch more. A big bunch, so grab your favorite beverage and maybe a snack as well to fortify yourself to get through this post.

The first one in this batch to show up was City Colors, which I've only seen at Rite Aid. These bottles don't seem to have color names on them; there's hot pink, yellow, mint, light pink, light but a touch more purpley pink, and coral. I haven't bought any of these (yet, anyway), though I have had the mint (it's a shimmer) in my hand and put it back in the display more than once. The chunky caps do come off to reveal a slimmer cap underneath, just like the pricey brands where I first saw that feature.

Rite Aid is also the only place around here that carries CQ and Petites, both from Scherer. I've not seen table displays for these brands before, but there are some out now. These don't say "limited edition" on them, and some are core colors I've seen before; I'm assuming there's no rush to buy these, so I haven't. The CQ display holds these shades (left to right, front to back): Pink Candy, Coral Pink, Candy Grape, Purple Passion, Tahitian Green, Golden Green, Rustic Dream, Slate, Peachy Keen, and Mystical. The Petites one has these: Daze, Pink Diamond, Peach Blush, 24K Gold, Figi, Cream Rose, Periwinkle, Solar, Vintage Gray, and Electric Indigo (which is neither).

I don't recall seeing table displays from NYC (New York Color) before, either. The limited edition Expert Last display has fourteen shades (left to right, front to back): Timeless Tangerine, Teal Til the End, Long Time Lavender, Perpetual Peony, Midnight Amethyst, Late Night Lilac, Hint of Mint, I Heart New York, Cotton Candy, Lingering Lingerie, Platinum Card, Gramercy Glitz, Persistent Putty, and Lemon Cream.

Wet 'n' Wild has limited edition Wild Shine and MegaLast polishes on offer. The Wild Shine collection is called Sweet Spot and has candy-named colors similar to last year's offering. Only six shades this year, though: Toss Me a Lifesavers (lime), Easy Peasy Lemonhead Squeezy (yellow),
Nerds Need Love Too (blue), Don't Be a Dum Dum (teal), Made from 100% Cotton Candy (pink), and Candy Corn on the Cob (orange). I don't think any of these are exact dupes of core line colors, though some are really close, like Don't Be a Dum Dum which is a slightly more blue version of Caribbean Frost. I got a few of these (but not the pink, I'm on a no-buy for pinks and reds right now) because at 99 cents I won't feel bad if they end up being dupes for things I already have.

The MegaLast collection is called Bloom, and consists of six pastels: Laughing Lilac (purple), Sunburst (orange), Collecting Pollen (yellow), Garden Hose (green), Bird Bath (blue), and Cherry Blossom (pink, not shown below, as it was sold out of that display and replaced with more yellow). I got a few of these, too (amazingly, I left the purple there).

But wait, there are more limited edition MegaLasts, sold in two sets of five colors each. Since one has some pinks in it and one has some reds, I could not get these under the terms of my current no-buy agreement with myself.

Meijer had some cute Easter polishes last year, round bottles from Blue Cross with eggs, flowers, chicks, and those sorts of things printed on them. This year they've got Egg Hunt polishes from Hoof Hands: mini nail polishes packaged in see-through plastic eggs. Six colors here: Fields of Green (lime), Crystal Seas (turquoise blue), Ditty Dottin (coral), Butterfly Flutter (purple), a yellow whose name I did not note down, and Lovely Ladybug (medium pink). So far I've held strong against these, too. I'm pretty sure that won't last, though, because they have designs printed on the caps, and I am a sucker for details like that.

Also at Meijer, I spotted an Easter Studio M display. It's got some shades I recognize from the core display, some that look like re-releases from prior seasonal display, and some that might actually be new (but are likely Color Club dupes). Left to right, top to bottom: Who's That Girl, Hoppin' Hot, Neon Caution, Jade, Spring Is In the Air, Shy Girl, Sweet Dreams, Painted Eggs, On the Hunt, Total Wow, Punked, Vintage Couture, Cute Chick, Kind of Fluffy, Tru Passion, Plum Perfection, Jelly Bean Dream, Boom-Boom-Boom, Basket Case, For Love or Bunny, Pink Glitter, Frenzy (two slots for this one, guess they're way overstocked on this color), and Plum Dazzle. I picked up a couple of the greens and blues that looked new to me, as well as a couple of the purples (I am nowhere near ready to declare a no-buy on purples). I was happy to see Who's That Girl grammatically correct on the display, even though the bottle labels haven't been fixed.

The only new Borghese display I've seen recently has limited edition Rapido polishes in six colors: Romanzo Pink, Capriccio Blue, Castello Blue (which has a touch of grey in it), Fantastico Lime, Felice Tangerine, and Incantato Purple. I grabbed a coupon off the display and bought Castsello Blue but am waiting for a sale to buy any more of these.

Maybelline has soft shades for spring. There are eight pastels in the all-polish display—Lilac Luster, Firefly (with a name like that I'd expect greenish yellow but it's peachy) , Sunlight, Pink Halo, Blue Brilliance, and Pink Glimpse—and two neutrals in the makeup display—a white and a pale peach. (Edited 15-Apr-2011 to add: the white is called Brilliant Sparkle and the peach is Pink Prism.) I bought the blue and purple, of course. I've seen these at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Meijer, and Ulta.

I'm anxiously awaiting the new Sally Hansen Complete Salon colors, but in the meantime, she's trying to distract me with limited edition Insta Dri colors: Peachy Breeze, Fuchsia Flare, Chartreuse Chase, Jade Jump, Blue-Away, Snappy Sprinkles, Raspberry Race, and Pink Blink. I had to get Snappy Sprinkles because a) glitter and b) I am very, very curious to see how the combination of rose pink and lime works on the nail.

My Ulta has Zoya Intimate, but it took them so long to put it out that I'd already ordered the colors I wanted direct from Zoya. Six colors here: Dannii, Jules, Gemma, Caitlin, Dove, and Marley. I got, um, all of them.

Finally, not a new display, but one that amused me quite a lot. Back when the Katy Perry OPIs first came out, I never ever managed to see a display with Black Shatter in it. All the other colors, sure, but no crack. Last time I was at Ulta, it was exactly the reverse, and I had to laugh. If I'd known this would happen, I wouldn't have scrambled to swap for it—I tried a couple dead ends before a friend came through for me. Faced with this bounty, how could I not pick up a couple bottles to pay it forward?

If you made it all the way down here, I salute your stamina and thank you very much for reading!


  1. Dood! Your Ulta has Zoya?! I'm totally jealous. You have a lot of different brands that aren't available in New Mexico (which probably isn't a bad thing).

  2. Wow, I wish the shops here had displays like that with new things for the season. Although I'm kinda glad we I don't or I'd have even more trouble stopping myself buying things! :P I love the little easter egg polishes, so sweet :)

  3. I love watching all those displays, I just wish we have all these brands here, too (and those prices)!!

  4. Woah! I love all the displays! There are so many shatter polishes from the Katy Perry collection when I went the first time they didnt have one bottle... second time around only two bottles. I am excited for all the spring colors coming back too! Thanks for sharing! =)

  5. Luckily I had just sat down at my computer with 2 slices of fresh out-of-the-oven bread - so my stamina was high. However, I'm feeling the pain of not working and not being able to pick up some of these sweet collections. I think it pays that I live mostly in the middle of nowhere and to get to the majority of these brands/displays would be impossible. They look fabulous though and more than piqued my curiosity as to being able to add them to my stash. Love the effort you put into these posts. Thank you.

  6. My ulta did the exact same thing. :( I went in hoping for an original version of Not Like The Movies but there were only Black Shatters to be had. BOO.

  7. Wowzers...I'm so jealous of all those new pretties!

  8. OH how I LOVE your display posts! It makes me miss having a Meijers and I don't have a Rite Aid either. I do not know how you held out on some of those!

  9. Lots of pretty spring collections. I did pick up the new borghese's the blue ones. I hope I find nyc, wet n wild. I wish walgreens or cvs had the studio m's :)

  10. Thank you so much for these display posts. I'm an American living overseas and I love seeing all the new drugstore displays! This post made my day :)

  11. i love when you post display pics!

  12. That OPI pic in the bottom of your post is sure a hoot!

    I wish my grocery stores carry stuff like yours does!

  13. im so jealous of you..... here in hawaii...we have NONE of those... yea we have sally hansen but its not updated...we dont get the colors either till really late or we just never get them at all...and the Katy Perry/OPI can be only found in specific salons... so sad... I have to do most of my polish shopping online... :(

  14. nice! I just discovered a salon in Canada called Chatters that also had LARGE quantities of OPI shatter, it was ridiculous, way more than you showed in your photos! they even were promoting it on a sandwitch bored outside the store!

  15. So cool!

    I have that CQ Slate, it's a gorgeous petrol blue. I am crazy about it.

    I wanted the Borghese, but at $8 it's a bit much.

    Thanks for the photos!!!

  16. Every time I see your displays post I feel like placing an order to you to buy me some of these beauties... Why here in Italy nail polishes are so expensive??? it's frustrating :)

  17. so many brands i don't have here. All the colours are quite nice and soft.


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