Friday, May 20, 2011

Latest Crop of Drugstore Displays

When I shared the Sally Beauty and Ulta displays last week, I promised to cover the drugstores this week, so here we go. (For the purposes of this post, drugstore includes not just CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens, but also Meijer and Target. It would include K Mart except the one near me rarely has special displays so I rarely go there on my polish hunting rounds.)

In the "old colors in new containers" department, we've got several entrants. Milani, which should be due for a new collection anytime now, has the Color Fiesta display, which is filled with core colors (Milani does do this sort of thing regularly, but they don't rename the colors to try and fool me into thinking they're new, so I'm okay with it). This one has Breezy (blue), Good Morning Sunshine, Wild Violet, Electric Pink, and Juicy Glo (orange). I saw this at Meijer first, but I think it was also at CVS (though I could be confusing it with another re-promote Milani display).

Sinful has their usual neon re-promote for summer thing going on, here at Walgreens:

I think this Nailtiques display is more interesting than the colors in it. Though I didn't realize CVS carried Nailtiques until I saw this, so I guess that's something.

The most appealing of the re-promotes was this bucket from Wet 'n' Wild, with seven bottles of polish from the FastDry line, plus a nail art kit with stencils and a white polish, an emery board, and toe separators. I've only seen this at CVS.

In the category of "some of these may be new but I can't tell because they didn't have names last year" we have Mood Struck from Blue Cross. I've seen free standing displays of these at Rite Aid. There are definitely some colors in here that are the same as the ones that Meijer sold last year, but there's at least one that didn't look familiar, a deep blue shimmer. Frustratingly, these have neither names nor unique UPCs, so I don't know what I'll call the colors I review.

Meijer has Mood Struck again, too, but this time it's on a regular shelf (with the color stickers on the side of the caps rather than the tops), and the colors have names. If you've bought mood polish at Claire's, you'll recognize some of them; left to right, we have Bold/Laid Back, Cautious/Adventurous, Fabulous/Funky, Crazy/Mellow, Calm/Wild, Lonely/Loved, Peaceful/Confident, Flirty/Shy, and Happy/Earthy. (None of these is the deep blue shimmer I saw at Rite Aid.)

Meijer has another new addition to their regular nail polish wall: CND. I was excited to see this since up until now I haven't had anywhere around here to buy it. The selection is somewhat limited—there are only three effects, for example—but maybe this means they'll also be getting some of the special edition polishes, like they get some of the seasonal OPIs.

Staying at Meijer, it's the only place so far that I've seen Wet 'n' Wild's Inked collection, which is nine crayon bright cremes in the Craze line: Street Art (pink), Scratchiti (orange), Sribble (purple), Vandalize (black), Writings on the Wall (red), Art Crime (yellow), Mad-Styles (white), Tagger (blue), and Undercover Graffiti (green).

Meijer also had Wet 'n' Wild's FastDry display, Mermaid's Cove, but it was already picked over by the time I got to it, so I was happy to catch it at CVS just after it had been put out. There are eight colors here: Waves of Enchantment (golden rose shimmer), Stream of Wonder (turquoise shimmer), Sea Witch (purple shimmer), Sea of Dreams (red violet shimmer), Ocean Grotto (lime green shimmer), Magic Trident (yellow orange shimmer), Diving for Pearls (teal shimmer), and Atlantis (rose pink glitter).

CVS also had Wet 'n' Wild Megalast Bloom display, which I shared when it was out at Meijer a couple months ago, but here it is again because this is a better shot of it since it wasn't tucked away on a bottom shelf like it was at my Meijer and also to alert those of you who wanted these but don't have a Meijer to check CVS if you have those.

Sally Hansen has some new things out now, too. She's getting in on the crack action; so far I've only seen her Crackle Overcoat at Walgreens. There are eight of these: Snow Blast, Fractured Foil, Antiqued Gold, Distressed Denim, Vintage Violet, Fuchsia Shock, Cherry Smash, Ink Splatter.

For the other new Sally Hansens, the latest limited edition Complete Salon Manicure shades, I had to go to Target, and I didn't get there soon enough because two of the colors were already gone (I'm sure they'll show up somewhere else later so I'm not driving around from Target to Target like a crazy person). Left to right: First Kiss, Coral Fever, Malt, Runway Red-y, Barracuda, Delphinium, Paparazzi, Model Behavior, Summer Plum, Without a Stitch. (Comparing this list to the previously announced Tracy Reese and Prabal Gurang collections, there are some missing, so I'm not sure what the deal is.)

I heard about Revlon Just Tinted on the MUA nail board before I saw the display at Rite Aid; these polishes are evidently matte sheers, which sounds strange to me so I will probably have to get at least one to try. Four colors here: Desire, Mystical, Victorian, and Dawn.

Rite Aid also had some LA Colors sets that I'd not seen before, though I suspect the colors might be some of the same ones that Dollar Tree has been stocking—regardless, they look pretty all lined up rainbow fashion, and at $5.99 for the set of 7 they're a little cheaper than they would be at Dollar Tree.

Taking a detour from the drugstores to finish out this entry, you might remember in my previous display post that I realized one of the Piggy Polish displays had the wrong color in it. Well, I had to fix that the next time I was in that Ulta. (I didn't say I wasn't a crazy person, just that I wasn't going to drive around from Target to Target like one.) Here's the corrected Be Springier display with Damsel in This Dress in its proper place on the right, replacing the pink Around Sundown that had been put there in error.

While I was at it, I also snapped a shot of the Piggy Polish display I missed before, Beach You to It. This has It's All About Blue, a clear that probably has a name but it doesn't matter because it's clear, and Ethereal Thing.

Whew. I hope that's it for a while; my decision-making muscles are getting overworked in the face of all this temptation.


I've picked the winners for my 1st Blogiversary contest and have contacted them by e-mail; I'll posting the results either later today or over the weekend depending on how the rest of the my day goes.


  1. I just love these photos!! This way I get to see the displays too.

  2. Oh and thank you so much for the prize!! I still can't believe I won

  3. Awesome Thanks! I don't get to see half of these down here. *grumbles stupid drug stores*

  4. OMG - now I have to go to Meijer to get some CND! Yay! Thanks!

  5. Love to see all these displays. Thanks for taking the pictures!

  6. Your so lucky!!!!
    Here in paris there's only one of these brands we start to have: sinful
    We have claire's but they don't wanna do mood polish for us
    this is so frustrating!!!

  7. gawd, there are so many awesome polishes here.

  8. These are my favourite posts-so I can look out for them if they make it to my area!

  9. I am on a serious hunt for the new Revlon sheers. My Rite-Aid usually gets LE displays that other stores around me don't, so I'll check there again. I did find the Revlon mini-sets at Ulta yesterday, so I was happy about that. Thanks for the roundup!

  10. I have to admit, there are times I wish I lived in a bigger area - I miss out on some of the promos I'd really like to get my nails on. :/

  11. Yayy Nail News.
    The only one I've seen out of all of these was the Sally Hansen Crackle one, and I only got one of those for myself.
    I'm also going to be looking out for WnW's Mermaid Collection thingy. The others, I can pass on.
    Thanks for the post!

  12. I need that gold crackle from SH! Thank you for these types of posts! They are so helpful.

  13. which meijers did you find the WnW ink at, i only got a few and loved them, when i went back they were gone becuase of Meijers all WnW 50% off sale...Im hoping there are better drugstore sales next week.

  14. These pics make me smile! I would love to go into a store and see all in one place :) But it's kinda fun to track them down at the same time...

  15. i love it!!! how many nails color!!!! and price??? 3,99$???is a crazy! here is very spend 8 to 9 € (10$) :((

  16. I've also seen the Mood Struck in 3 packs in the kids section at my local Marshalls. May have even seen them at Ross, but def at Marshalls (as well as at Five and below).

  17. I love that neon stand, so pretty! I'd be like a moth to a pretty neon flame if I saw that! :)

  18. I love these posts, they made me envious :D

  19. Thanks, ladies! I enjoy doing these posts; I can't buy one of everything but I can take pictures of it all. :)

    EverythingsDiamond, I saw Inked at a couple different Meijer stores, Auburn Hills and Southfield for sure but they did get picked over really fast. If Bloom is any indication, we may see Inked show up at CVS sometime.

    Bunny Masseuse, that's interesting, thanks for letting me know. I've never thought to look at Marshalls for polish (and sure wouldn't have ventured into the kids section even if I had). Sadly, we have no Ross here.


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