Friday, May 24, 2013

Dance Legend New Prism Holographic Polishes

Today, close on the heels of Color Club holo post, I've got more rainbow goodness in the form of the Dance Legend New Prism polishes, which arrived in my stash all the way from Russia. Even the tape on the box looked exotic to me:

When the first swatches of these holographic polishes started showing up online, I thought they were gorgeous but didn't really expect to be able to get them anytime soon since at that time they didn't have an online shop and none of my usual sources carried them. The Holo Queen tracked them down, though, and generously shared how she'd gone about it, so I ordered a whole set, one of each of the twelve colors. It took just about a month for them to make their way through the postal services in Russia and the U.S. before they reached me safe and sound. Then they had to wait for me to have the time to swatch and access to sunshine simultaneously, which turned out to take so long that in the intervening weeks, the Dance Legend webshop opened and they were also stocked at Llarowe. So yes, this is one of my better late than never posts. I don't think these are limited edition, though, so my tardiness is not as much of an issue as it sometimes is. Anyway, enough preamble, let's look at the holos. I did these swatches Skittles-style in case the sun decided to depart suddenly. (Twelve polishes nicely made three handfuls; it was like it was fated.)

The first quartet I did was (left to right below): T-1000 (silver), Spacecraft (black), Shock (warm pink), and Optical Illusion (plum).

Here they are on the nail in the lightbox, in the same order as the bottles above, left to right (index to pinky):

Same lineup outside in the sun is below; I skipped over indoor direct light because as you'd expect the rainbow effect is between the lightbox and the sunshine, and I want to include lots of sunshine photos in this post:

At different angles, the rainbows really came out to play—the only thing that made me go back inside and take these off was knowing I had eight more colors to try.

The second group I swatched consisted of Spectrum (cool pink), Teleportation (lilac), New Messiah (gold), and Fantastic Trip (salmon):

Same four on the nail in the lightbox:

And in the sunshine:

Seriously, did I mention the sunshine and the rainbows?

The final quartet has Robots vs. Humans (brown), Cosmic Rainbow (purple), High Voltage (blue), and Android (green):

Yep, you guessed it—here they are on the nail in the lightbox:

Just to mix things up, here they are indoors, out of the lightbox:

And now in the sunshine, wonderful rainbow-maximizing sunshine:

As you can see, these are fabulous. I definitely think they're worth the $13 per 15ml bottle that they cost. They're easy to work with, too. I used Instant Artificials as a base coat followed by two coats of color, which went on nicely, no dragging or bald spots. They're all so pretty that it's hard for me to pick favorites. If I had to let some of them go, I'd focus on colors I have other great versions of like silver and pink and blue. But I don't plan to let any of these go. I plant to keep them and treasure them and buy any other colors Dance Legend puts out.


  1. I really want to order all 12 polishes, but I'm a bit on the fence because they take so long to arrive. Did you have to contact them while you were waiting? What is their customer service like? I've clicked on the feedback button on their website, but nobody seems to have posted anything so far.
    I really look forward to seeing you post some more manicures with these incredible polishes.

    1. I ordered before their website was working, so did it all by e-mail. It didn't take very long for them to reply to my e-mails, though once I got the tracking number from them (about two or three days after my order) I did not contact them again, just looked at the tracking info. online. The package seemed to sit in Moscow a long while but I was impatient so it probably seemed longer. :)

    2. Thanks for the information!

  2. They are soooo pretty! I would totally order them all if I had it in my budget to afford them.

  3. Oh gosh, I wish people would stop releasing holos because I NEED THEM ALL!

  4. I have been looking for a review of all of them - this is a great post Karen, thanks a lot!

  5. I can see at least four that I want!!

  6. These are great holographic polishes indeed!

  7. I have three of these which a friend brought for me from Russia. Of course now I want all of them :)
    I love their long brush.

  8. I wish I didn't live in Italy to grab some Dance Legend bottles. They're stunning!

  9. Oh my goodness, these are amazing *drool*

  10. awesome holos *.*
    but to expensive for me :(

  11. Gorgeous! I'm super jealous.

  12. Those are some gorgeous holos! I love how vast their colour range is!

  13. I SO want these!! Can you send them to me??????

  14. Congratulations! They are just amazing. I won't get the whole collection but I certainly *need* some of those. I will go to Russia this year but I might not wait for those polishes much longer, though! xx

  15. i like that last set of 4 a lot. better late than never. glad you posted these.


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