Thursday, May 30, 2013

Holographic Comparisons Featuring FNUG

I would have posted this entry at lunchtime today but I did something I fortunately don't do very often: lost my first draft when I failed to save it at any point between when I started typing it and when I accidently closed the document window thinking it was a different window entirely. I guess I have to do dumb stuff like that every so often to remind myself why I hate doing dumb stuff like that. At least I didn't lose the photos this time; those are not so easy to replace as the words. Ah Well, onward to the comparisons I mentioned when I posted the swatches of the FNUG holographics. All of the swatches today are two coats of color over a base coat (Aqua Base for FNUG and Layla, Instant Artificials for all others, no top coat.

Let's start with the silvers. To compare to FNUG Psychedelic, I grabbed GOSH Holographic Hero (which like the FNUGs is in my stash thanks to mrsrexy), Dance Legend T-1000, and Color Club Harp on It.

Here they are on the nail, indoors, in the same order as the bottles above:

And here they are in the sunshine:

The slightly blurrier photo below highlights the differences I saw among these. The GOSH is the least holo (this newer version does not live up to the original GOSH Holographic). The FNUG has the smoothest most complex rainbow, while the Dance Legend is a bit less refined and the Color Club a bit less than that. Still, the Color Club holds up well against its expensive cousins from overseas.

I'll finish off the silvers section with a couple different angles taken in the sun:

Moving along to the light green category, I have FNUG Fantastica, Layla Jade Groove, Urban Outfitters Green Holo, and Color Club Angel Kiss.

On the nail, the differences in the base colors shows up more than it did in the bottles. The FNUG is most yellow-leaning, and the Color Club is nearly blue. Here they are indoors (again in same order as the bottles):

In the sun, all of them have rainbows; I think the FNUG wins, though, as its rainbow seems to have more colors. The Layla takes second place.

The greens in the sun from a different persepctive:

Wrapping up with the light blues, FNUG Futuristica took on Layla Mermaid Spell, Color Club Blue Heaven, and China Glaze Sci Fly By.

On the nail, indoors, the first three show hints of rainbows while the China Glaze (from this past springs Hologram collection) just looks like a metallic-leaning shimmer.

In the sun, the disparity continues. The FNUG busts out the most beautiful rainbow, with the Layla not far behind and the Color Club not far behind that. The China Glaze does look more colorful than it did indoors, but compared to the other three, it's not at all eye catching. The OMG collection proved China Glaze can do great linear holos; they just haven't their last two tries.

The blurry shot below was as holo as I could get the China Glaze to look:

I'll finish up today with a few more shots of the blue rainbows in the sun:

I haven't done the math so I can't prove it, but I believe the Color Club ones win in the dollars per rainbow category. FNUG wins in colors per fingertip.


  1. Hehehe - love your last paragraph!

  2. i have to say, comparison posts used to be my least favorite type of nail blog post, but you do them so well I am starting to come around! :)

  3. Great comparison post! A post full of rainbows; love it!

  4. I love it. I'm kinda wanting to go compare all of mine now. ;0) I have silvers blues sea greens and pinks.

  5. OMG! I'm glad blogger auto-saves for me every few minutes. I couldn't imagine losing even half a post and having to start over. These comparison are very interesting. :)

  6. Thanks for this super holo comparison - so many pretties!

  7. Great comparison!

  8. I have to say I was extremely disappointed in my gosh silver holo, my HITS holos shine so much better.

  9. Awesome comparison post! And what is with China Glaze?! Did Color Club and all the indie polish makers buy up all the good Spectraflair?! Get your stuff together CG and make more OMG polishes, lol!

  10. Great comparison! I'm happy with my colour clubs. Bonus because they were gift :P

  11. Beautiful comparisons! Love the look of these holos!

  12. DUDE You are killing me with all these holos I don't own!!! I just got in 15 new holos and none are these brands! Looks like I need to get the FNUG to get the most rainbows! Thanks for the comparison!


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