Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CrowsToes Spring THIS Collection

Today I've got swatches of all nine polishes in the Spring THIS collection from CrowsToes, which I was lucky enough to win in a giveaway. Top row: Toxic Buttercup, Birthday Suit, Milquetoast, Tequila Sunrise. Bottom row: L'il Miss Sunshine, L'il Miss Cyanide, Green Thumb of Doom, Season of the Witch, Shoot the Butterfly.

Toxic Buttercup is a light yellow with shimmer that flashes pink. I used three thin coats, no topcoat for my swatch.

Because Toxic Buttercup was a bit sheer, I wanted to try layering it over some cremes. Left to right below: 2 coats over black (Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme), 2 coats over skintone creme (Revlon Sandy Nude, which you'll see used again), 2 coats over white (Sally Hansen Whirlwind White), 3 coats on its own for comparison purposes.

Birthday Suit is a brownish peach with shimmer that shifts from pink to golden. It looked like it might be similar to Toxic Buttercup in sheerness, so when I swatched it, I first put the skintone creme on my ring finger as an accent, then added three thin coats of Birthday Suit to all my nails.

Milquetoast has mixed sizes of copper glitter plus a scattering of small golden glitter in a creamy white base. I used three thin coats plus topcoat for my swatch.

Tequila Sunrise is a warm pink with golden shifting shimmer. I did the skintone underwear on my ring finger with this one, too, though it didn't really make much difference, as this is not as sheer as Toxic Buttercup or Birthday Suit. I used three thin coats of Tequila Sunrise, no topcoat.

Green Thumb of Doom is a spring green microflakie shimmer. Same situation here with the skintone underwear on my ring finger as with Tequila Sunrise. This is also three thin coats of color, no topcoat.

L'il Miss Sunshine is a medium purple with greenish golden shifting microflakie shimmer. I didn't do underwear on any nails this time; the swatch is three thin coats, no topcoat.

L'il Miss Cyanide has a similar medium purple base and greenish gold shimmer, but its shimmer is the pearly variety.

Season of the Witch has purple/green shifting microflakie shimmer in a black jelly base. I used three coats of this one, no topcoat (no black underwear, either; look how nicely the color shift shows up without that help).

Shoot the Butterfly has orange and white glitter in a black jelly base, with a scattering of tiny holo glitter that provides little pops of color. I swatched this one at three coats plus topcoat.

I just had to see what some of these looked like over a black base, so if you've made it this far, please stick around for a little bit more. Left of right below (all over Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme): Tequila Sunrise, L'il Miss Cyanide, Season of the Witch, Shoot the Butterfly.

Just look at the shift in Tequila Sunrise (top) and L'il Miss Cyanide—I see green and orange and gold and purple:

Left to right below (again over Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme): Toxic Buttercup, Birthday Suit, Green Thumb of Doom, L'il Miss Sunshine. One coat of Toxic Buttercup is much better than the two I used way back at near the beginning of this post—more purple comes out.

At an angle, interesting things happen: Toxic Butterfly (top) leans blue and Green Thumb of Doom and L'il Miss Sunshine display some teal tendencies.

Last I looked, eight of these were still in stock at Llarowe, including my top two: Season of the Witch (dat duochrome!) and Shoot the Butterfly (unique among the many many glitters in my stash). Though after seeing it over black, I must say Tequila Sunrise makes a strong case for itself, too. And Birthday Suit—it's a heck of lot more interesting than most of the skintone shimmers I own. I am so happy I won these—thanks, CrowToes!


  1. Not a fan of how sheer some of those are, but I am loving Milquetoast! That's pretty awesome.

  2. Shoot the Butterfly is a great interpretation...very unique indeed!

  3. I love that collection!! So pretty.

  4. great swatches and pretty unique, but I'm not a crazy fan of some of really shear polishes

  5. Season of the Witch is really cool looking!

  6. Season of the Witch really is awesome!

  7. Shoot the butterfly really stands out . Season of the witch and Milquetoast are pretty too...but the rest are terrible IMO!

  8. Milquetoast and Shoot The Butterfly! So coool. I love the colour combo in Milquetoast and the jelliness of STB

  9. Milquetoast looks awesome! I love glitters in a white base.


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