Thursday, May 23, 2013

Revlon The Pacific Coast Collection Polish Swatches and Comparisons

I shared a glimpse of the Pacific Coast Collection from Revlon about a month ago in a display post. (I think technically it's called "The Pacific Coast", but writing "glimpse of the The Pacific Coast" is just awkward.) There are four ColorStay polish shades in this makeup collection by Gucci Westman: Trade Winds, Seashell, Sunburst, and Jungle. I believe all are new core shades rather than limited edition because they do have numbers as well as names on the labels (though only one of my bottles has a "new" sticker on the handle).

Trade Winds is a beige creme. It's not quite pink-toned enough to be mannequin hands on me, but it's not too far off. This swatch is three coats, no topcoat.

This one looked like it could have been part of the Naked Tips & Neon Lips collection, so I compared it to what looked like the two closest shades from that group. Left to right below (all Revlon ColorStay, all three coats): Sandy Nude, Trade Winds, Nude Beige. No matches here; Sandy Nude is more warm-toned and Nude Beige is darker.

Seashell is a pinky peach jelly. Peaches can be iffy for me, but I thought this was flattering. My swatch is three coats, no topcoat.

In the bottle, Seashell looks close to L'Oreal Macaroon Me Madly (from Versailles Romance), so I grabbed that for a comparison. I knew that one wasn't sheer, though, so I also grabbed L'Oreal Bubble Trouble (from Miss Candy). Left to right below (all three coats): Bubble Trouble, Seashell, Macaroon Me Madly.

This is a great example of why I like to do so much swatching—Macaroon Me Madly and Seashell are so much different on the nail than they looked in the bottle. I was surprised. Here, see the bottles for yourself:

Sunburst is an orange jelly. Like Seashell, I used three coats. Unlike Seashell, I'm not overly impressed with how it looks on me, mostly because it somehow manages to make it look like I've got dirt under my nails when I don't.

Of course I have other squishy oranges in my stash. Left to right below (all three coats): L'Oreal Mango Mama, Sunburst, OPI Y'all Come Back Ya Hear. The Revlon is more red-toned than the other two.

Jungle is a very dark olive green creme. I used two coats which was plenty for full coverage but it looks like one short for full smoothness, at least without a base coat. But since I pretty much always wear base coat, I'm calling this a two-coater.

This is so dark that I took flash photos of it, too, which I rarely do; you can see the base color a bit better in the very bright light:

For comparison's sake, I chose OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow and NYC In a New York Color Minute Flat Iron Green. Yes, that means I've technically got a creme vs. shimmer thing going, but the shimmer is of the hidden variety, so I deem it okay. Left to right below: OPI (3 coats), Revlon (2), NYC (3).

Same as above, but overexposed so you can see the colors better—they're pretty close:

While I don't know that any of these polishes are must haves, I quite like the collection as a whole. I appreciate the editing that must have gone into selecting these four shades to tell a color story. It's a spring/summer collection with no pink, which feels like a bold choice to me. Before I swatched these, I expected my favorite to be Jungle, but it turned out to be Seashell.


  1. I like these Karen, I have Loreal's Bubble Trouble but I would also like to have Seashell it's so soft and pretty :)

  2. Wow, seashell vs bubble trouble! They are really different! I prefer seashell. I buy lots of polishes too, and people are like..."do you need that many bottles?" Well no, technically, but you can't always tell from the looks of the bottle what the paint actually looks like on the nail, and even if they look identical they actually are not! Great testament to that in this post!

  3. Nice colors. If a bit sheer for my taste. ;)

  4. You always have the best comparisons! Sorry if I sound repetitive, but you really do :)


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