Monday, May 13, 2013

Recent NOTD: Rescue Beauty Lounge Be Humble

I took a break from strips to do a full manicure with liquid nail polish for a change. Since I'd had all the patterns going on from the strips, I chose a quiet polish: Rescue Beauty Lounge Be Humble from the recent Emoting Me collection. I used two coats of the color (over treatment and base coats and under top coat).

Looks like yet another greyed taupe creme up there, right? But it's not really; there's some blue and lilac and pink shimmer in it, as you can see in the bottle detail shot below.

Depending on the light and the angle, I could sometimes see a hint of the shimmer on my nails. Also depending on the light and the angle, the overall effect was sometimes more grey and sometimes more taupe, with varying hints of purpleness showing up. All that shiftiness certainly made it more interesting to wear than a straight up greyed taupe creme.

Here's a more grey, slightly shimmery face in low light:

Four days into wearing Be Humble, I got a chance to take some photos under direct sun. The shimmer in the bottle definitely popped more in the bright sunlight, but it still remained shy on my nails.

I was ready for something with a bit more pop at this point, so I added a coat of one of the Mardi Gras glitters I'd picked up at Rite Aid (yeah, I was trying not to buy any of those, telling myself that surely I had the same polishes in other bottles from Blue Cross, but that didn't last once I spotted a few that I defintely didn't have in the pumpkin or snowman bottles that make up most of my Blue Cross stash). This particular Mardi Gras polish has two sizes of holo glitter in a very sheer rose pink base.

One coat of the Mardi Gras on top of my existing Be Humble mani added such a nice sparkle:

In the sun, it was even better:

I really should have put topcoat on over the glitter, but I was feeling lazy and since the Mardi Gras dried pretty quickly on its own, I didn't need the quick dry aspect.

The RBL wore fine; you can see some tipwear in the day four photo but that's not surprising. I did get a large chip in my middle finger, which was not the fault of the polish or topcoat (Diamond Dry) but once again my weak and peely nails—not much any product can to to hold on when the nail is de-laminating underneath it. The color of Be Humble is one I waver on; at times I liked it and thought it was flattering, while at other times I was bored with it (thus the glitter) and wasn't sure it looked that good on me.


  1. Beautiful! I love everything about that RBL Polish...and the glitter top coat looks great with it!

  2. Very pretty! I love it by itself but with the glitter is's amazing.

  3. This is lovely! I really like the subtle shimmer it has :)

  4. This is so pretty! I love these sorts of grey-taupe shades; I did resist buying any of this RBL collection so far but I'm still quite tempted by some of them, lol! I like it with the glitter too :)

  5. The Mardi Gras glitter really made the mani pop!

  6. It's a very subtle polish, but looks great on you - I do however like it a lot more with Mardi Gras :)

  7. The color is so elegant I like it by it self or with the glitter. Looks gorgeous.

  8. I think it looks good on you, especially with Mardi Gras! :-)


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