Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Barielle Summer Brights Collection

Today I've got some products that Barielle sent for review, starting with their Summer Brights collection. There are five cremes here: Pink Flip Flops, Cosmic Kiss, Lemondrops, Sweet Addiction, and Blue Capri.

It seemed natural to pair the pinks for swatching purposes. Cosmic Kiss is a medium deep pink while Pink Flip Flops is lighter, like cotton candy. I used three coats of both of these, no topcoat; I probably could have done just two of Cosmic Kiss.

Lemondrops is a sunny yellow. I used three coats of this is one as well.

Lemondrops reminded me of another yellow that's out this summer, Zoya Darcy.

Even though Darcy is a shimmer, I felt it warranted a comparison because it's a very subtle shimmer. These two yellows ended up looking very much alike on the nail, with Lemondrop being ever so slightly brighter. Left to right below: Barielle, Zoya, Barielle, Zoya.

I paired the remaining two colors as I had with the pinks. Sweet Addiction is a green with just a touch of dustiness about it, while Blue Capri is a pure royal blue. I used two coats of these, though both were very nearly one coaters.

If I were pulling together a brights collection, I'd leave out the lighter pink and add a purple, but I can understand why Barielle didn't; pinks are super popular.

Barielle also sent their matte topcoat, Matte-inée. Actually, the topcoat part is not its primary purpose; it's designed as a nail protector. The back of the box describes it as having a "blend of strengtheners & conditioners" but also notes that it "dulls the hight luster shine of color polish to provide a stain finish".

To better show how Matte-inée changes the finish, I applied it over the last pair of Summer Brights, then used regular shiny topcoat on my tips.

You can buy Barielle products directly from the Barielle website. Right now they're having a 2-day sale with 30% off plus free shipping (U.S. only, I think); this ends May 8th. When I played around with filling a cart just now, the discount was automatically applied to my cart on top of the Buy One, Get One 50% off for polishes, so four polishes came to $16.80 total to ship to me in Michigan—that makes them cheaper than some drugstore brands. The Matte-inée is $16 regular price, $11.20 with the current 30% off sale.

The products shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. Love the blue and green combo!!! Very pretty colors!

  2. Blue Capri is my favorite of these - great swatches...

  3. Blue Capri and Sweet Addiction are my favourites, but I like also the combination Cosmic Kiss-Pink Flip Flops :-)


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