Friday, May 3, 2013

Julie G Frosted Gum Drops Collection

As I mentioned in my recent display post, I got impatient waiting for the Julie G Frosted Gum Drops to show up at Rite and ordered the whole collection on line, only to find the display before my order arrived. Fortunately they did reach me in time to be swatched for Texture Week. The six colors are: Tangerine Dream, Sugar Rush, Hot Cinnamon, Crushed Candy, Blueberry Fizz, and Rock Candy.

Tangerine Dream is a yellow orange with microglitter in shades from orange to golden yellow. This was the only one in the collection that I needed to use three coats of; the others were all two coats.

Look how pretty Tangerine Dream is with topcoat in low light:

Sugar Rush is an orange red. This also had microglitter in a range of warm hues, and I thought I could see some golden yellow microflakies in there, too.

Hot Cinnamon is a red microglitter; I saw a few sparks of pink and orange in here, too.

Crushed Candy is a purple-leaning pink. Unlike the first three, which had a finish similar to Zoya PixieDust, this has a finish more like the Orly MegalPixel, with silver hexes scattered about.

Blueberry Fizz is a silvery blue with the same scattered silver hexes. The hexes were somewhat more prominent in the bottle than on the nail.

Rock Candy is a silvery green, again with the scattered silver hexes.

The gradient I did with the summer PixieDust worked out so well that I decided to try a couple with these Frosted Gum Drops. The colors seemed to group together naturally into threes by finish. The trio of Crushed Candy, Blueberry Fizz, and Rock Candy didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. The pink wasn't purple enough to blend nicely into the blue, while the green was so similar to the blue that it blended too well.

Topcoat made it look a tiny bit better:

I was much happier with the way Hot Cinnamon, Sugar Rush, and Tangerine Dream worked together, even with my lazy gradient technique where I just brush each color on the one below instead of using a sponge.

With topcoat, I liked it even better (though I can see from these photos that a second layer of topcoat would have made it even better than that):

These are the lowest priced of the textured polishes I've featured this week (3.99 for 10ml) but I didn't notice them being lower quality. For those of you who don't have Rite Aid stores nearby, these (and the rest of the Julie G line) are available at the Jesse's Girl website.

I'll be back sometime this weekend with the last post for Texture Week—that will comparisons galore. So galore that it might be Sunday before I can get them wrangled into a post.


  1. Lucky! I needed three for Sugar Rush. I was afraid it was going to be the same story with Tangerine Dream... as long as it doesn't take me four. Three was hard enough to get off. lol Great swatches!

  2. I like these too! I need to get to Rite Aid

  3. These are cute! I really like the second gradient.

  4. Fantastic swatches. I love your swatches, great job! I don't know how you do all these, you must like polishing your nails even more than I do! I might get this collection posted over two weeks.

    Love texture week by the way!

  5. I loved the last gradient. Reminds me of a sunset - explosion of color! I have to say that it never fails that once you order something you automatically find it right in front of you. One big *sigh* and debate (for me) if I can wait it out or not. Glad it worked well for you. As always your nails are lovely!

  6. Oh my! I love your gradients! They look so beautiful with the texture!

  7. I like this collection. Beautiful gradients! :-*

  8. These are pretty but I'm still not sure how I feel about textured polish. I wore it for one day and I kept on touching it. But in a this is kind of annoying way. But I love how they look...

  9. I love textured polishes and I love Blueberry Fizz and Crushed Candy! :-)


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