Monday, July 27, 2020

Sinful Colors Werk Out and Rubber Top Coat

Back when I did Wheel U12: Solid Color Textures, Sinful Colors Werk Out somehow didn't get on there with the rest of the Sporty Brights collection, so now it gets its own post, because who knows when I might get around to doing another texture wheel. werk Out is a cool-toned medium purple that dries to a rubber texture: slightly bumpy, slightly matte. I used two coats for my swatch.

Since a regular top coat would lessen or eliminate the texture, Sinful released the Rubber Top Coat with the Sporty Brights collection. I tried it over Werk Out as well as three non-textured shades from Sinful: Fearless (magenta), Violet Riot (orchid), and Spirited (purple). This top coat did as it was meant to and left Werk Out just as bumpy as it had been on its own. On the other colors, there was some texture added but it wasn't as noticeable as Werk Out was before the topper. It did seem to have more of an effect on the darker hues; I think that was just a visual effect, with the valleys between bumps looking more dramatic on the darker background.

Other than my desire to collect polishes that are quirky, I'm not sure why I felt the need to get the Sporty Brights. I don't wear the textured solids I already have (unlike the glittery ones, which I do put on). They're fine polishes and give the effect promised; it's just not an effect I tend to reach for. Ah well.


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