Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pixi Polish from Target

Even though it's Wednesday, there will be no nail wheel, because I've got so many swatches backlogged it's a little crazy. (I have plenty of wheels backlogged, too, but will deal with that another time.) What I've got today are three Pixi colors that arrived in a box of review samples from Target: Amazing Amethyst, Classy Cocoa, and Evening Emerald (I'm not sure why this last one didn't get the adjective-color naming treatment—Elegant Emerald would have worked).

I have seen Pixi at Target and not bought any because of the the price: $8 for .25 ounces. Sure, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure and Essie and Nicole by OPI are similarly priced, but their bottles are twice the size. So I went into this swatching session very skeptical about these.

I started with Amazing Amethyst, which is a cool-toned medium purple shimmer. Two coats gave plenty of coverage. I didn't use topcoat, and you can see that it dried slightly matte.

Classy Cocoa is up next. This one's a cool-toned brown with golden shimmer, and like the purple, two coats was plenty.

That brings us to Evening Emerald, a dark slightly greenish blue shimmer, also a two-coater. What sets this one apart from the other two is the shimmer, which is packed with flecks of a brighter blue that gives this polish a lot of depth. It was my favorite of the trio. I bet it would look even better with topcoat.

Low light didn't do much for the other two polishes (you can see a photo of Classy Cocoa in the shade on The PolishAholic), but Evening Emerald took to it quite nicely.

My verdict on these: they're pretty, but I'm not sure they're all $32 an ounce pretty. Evening Emerald might be; I'll have to think on whether I want to buy that one, since these samples are jetting off to join Lucy's Stash.

In the box with the polishes, Target sent some remover and cotton rounds from the Up & Up brand. The non-acetone remover was fine, though I prefer my acetone-based one because it's faster (I use non-acetone on nail wheels once in a while if I really mess up a tip). The cotton rounds were "exfoliating cotton rounds", which meant that on one side they have a bumpy layer fused to the surface. This might be great for skincare, but for nail polish removal it didn't seem ideal; the bumpy layer got slippery when saturated with polish remover, so I ended up just pulling it off when using these (it does come off quite easily as it's only fused at the very edges).

I'm not sure if Pixi ever goes on sale, but I'll be keeping an eye out now that I know I like the formula on these.

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  1. I love the look of Evening Emerald!

    Jazz x

  2. I liked Amazing Amethyst, but they are indeed a bit expensive :/

  3. Amazing Amethyst and Evening Emerald are stunning - thanks for sharing!

  4. They are all so pretty, I always wanted to try Pixi polishes, so I'm a bit jealous! :p
    They're on sale on Asos sometimes, but they don't ship polishes to my country, boohoo.

  5. I don't think I've seen these at my Target. Or maybe I have and moved along because of the price. :/ They are pretty, but not quite *that* pretty.

  6. nice colors, but evening emerald would be my first choice :D

  7. HHHMmmmmmm exfoliating cotton rounds! I might like these to go with my facial cleanser. Cool!

  8. I've never tried Pixi products but I am always tempted to try. Their packaging is super cute for their makeup! Evening Emerald is GORGEOUS!

  9. I have bought only one Pixi polish via directly from their website. It's a sheer shimmery pink colour (I'm too lazy to get up and go to my polish cart and look) that had a nice consistency. I used it last week for a Breast Cancer Awareness gradient. I am LOVING Evening Emerald! So pretty.

  10. Nice! I similarly have never bought one because of the price, they do have some nice colors though! Great review.

  11. That purple one is pretty-but like you said, not worth that much for so little!

  12. I love Classy Cocoa. lol I had ran out of the regular cotton rounds I use for my nails and we had those exfoliating ones left...I didn't like using them for polish removal! haha

  13. I really like Classy Cocoa! It is gorgeous!


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