Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wheel S6: Halloween Polishes

I figured nothing could be better for Nail Wheel Wednesday on multi-color day than lots and lots of pumpkins (plus one OPI Halloween lacquer).

(all three coats, no topcoat; some could have been two coats but I was on a roll)

1. OPI Zom-body to Love
2. Pumpkin unnamed light blue glitter [this style with the short grey handle is older]
3. Pumpkin unnamed light green glitter
4. Pumpkin unnamed pink glow in the dark
5. Pumpkin unnamed dark pink glow in the dark
6. Pumpkin unnamed yellow orange glow in the dark
7. Pumpkin unnamed acid yellow glow in the dark
8. Pumpkin unnamed blue glow in the dark
9. Pumpkin unnamed lime glow in the dark
10. Pumpkin unnamed bright purple glow in the dark
11. Pumpkin unnamed blue black light [shorter black handle; the ones that come packaged on a cardboard back usually have these]
12. Pumpkin unnamed lime black light
13. Pumpkin unnamed pink black light
14. Pumpkin unnamed dark pink black light
15. Pumpkin unnamed orange black light
16. Pumpkin unnamed bright purple black light
17. Pumpkin unnamed blue violet black light
18. Pumpkin unnamed acid yellow
19. Pumpkin unnamed red creme
20. Pumpkin unnamed blue glitter

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 & 12, 10 again, 13 & 14:

I have no idea how bottle #10 snuck into the middle of this photo and why I didn't notice I had six bottles left for the last one. Good thing I'm not a perfectionist anymore! I could pull the bottles out and take new photos, but that would delay this post and take time I could be spending on new stuff, so not gonna do it.

15 through 20:

Many of these are just cremes, so they didn't get detail shots. Many also dry matte, due to the neon pigments in them.

Of course it was necessary to see how the glow in the dark ones glowed:

That's Zom-body to love at the top in the photo above, working around to the right in numerical order. Numbers 2 & 3 have a very weak glow. I was interested to see that the two pinks, 4 and 5, don't glow in the same color.

And here's the wheel under black light, which I found less impressive, though it was interesting to see that some of the glow in the dark ones also reacted to black light:


I have picked the winners in the Halloween giveaway and sent out e-mails to them yesterday. I'm still waiting to hear back from about half the folks, so I'll give it another day or two before the announcement.


  1. OH my those pumpkins are so cute, Where did you get them?!

    Jazz x

    1. Jazz, sorry for the way late reply--the pumpkins show up at Rite Aid and Meijer every year around here. Not sure about other parts of the country.

  2. They're sooo cute!! I like all of them :)

  3. This wheel is soo cute, I am going to have to come and steal this from you ;)

  4. Agreed that its interesting that some of the GITD ones light up in black light too!

  5. Awesome post! I see these at Rite Aide but I never pick them up because I'm skeptical.

  6. I love the Pumpkin polishes! I really like to glow in the dark ones.

  7. So awesome! Great job capturing the glow. :)

  8. LOVE the evil pumpkins. My work Walgreen's still does not have them. I'll look again tomorrow. I did look a few weeks ago at my home Walgreens ... NADDA!:(

  9. Oh my goodness! This is the brightest nail wheel I've ever seen! They look awesome!

  10. Loads of cool colours hun :) Love the neons.. xx

  11. I am proud of you for not re-doing the picture with six bottles! That made me smile because I know how you felt. You did a great job on this!

    These are fun! I have never seen a pumpkin polish, but I need to!

  12. I'm pretty jealous of how many pumpkin polishes you own!! ^.^ I love all of them, they're all beautiful!

  13. Fantastic Halloween wheel! Those pumpkins look great.

  14. those pumpkins are so cute, i'm gonna cry ;)


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