Tuesday, October 23, 2012

CrowsToes Halloween Glitters

Today I've got four of the six polishes from the CrowsToes 2012 Halloween release. Why only four? Because when I got inspired to swatch them, the Revlon Sweetly Sinister polishes were sitting close at hand, calling to me that they wanted to be used as bases, and there are only four of them. Repeat a base color you say? Yeah, I could have, but then the ones that only got used once would feel bad. (Or maybe I was just being lazy; that's always a possibility.)

Let's kick things off with Bone Daddy, a light grey jelly with white hex glitters in various sizes from tiny to mega, long white bar glitter, and iridescent "disco glitter" that flashes blue violet (and sometimes looks yellow, especially through a camera lens). I used 3 coats of the white Revlon Spooky Skull as my base (could have done two, I think), followed by two coats of Bone Daddy and then topcoat.

Much as I love glitter, I'm not quite comfortable with this one—the largest hexes and long bars trip my "too random" alarm. But hey, there was a point where I wasn't a fan of black glitter of any size and now I'm fine with it, so who knows—next year this may be my favorite sort of thing.

The orange Revlon Haunted Heart made a great foundation for CrowsToes Hell Hath No Fury, a mix of orange and red and pink/purple iridescent glitters in a transparent shimmery base. There are square and bar glitters in here among the more usual hex shapes. Swatches are two coats of orange plus two coats of glitter plus topcoat.

CrowsToes Frogs' Breath has a variety of green and gold hex glitters, including some holo ones, in a clear base. I used two coats on top of the green Revlon Wicked Star and then added topcoat.

The holographic glitters in this one are so pretty that I couldn't narrow down my detail shots to only one; this is the same nail in both shots below, just at slightly different angles.

Revlon Black Magic served as the base for CrowsToes Last Call at the CrowBar, which is pewter and black glitter with a medley of other colors added. According to CrowToes herself on her blog, The Polished Crow, no bottle of this will be exactly like another because one of the ingredients is "whatever random heebiejeebie mix of glitter that ends up on the crowbar after each day of mixing". Of course this tempts me to buy another one just to see what I might get next time. This time, I got something so fabulously blingly that my camera had trouble focusing.

CrowsToes are available at Llarow and Overall Beauty.


  1. Awesome hint of purple in Bone Daddy!

  2. Frog's breath is super pretty!

  3. I love Bone Daddy and Frog's Breath! So awesome. :D

  4. Wow, these are so great! I don't have any CrowsToes, but I would love to get some!!

  5. I have really come to like white glitter! Adore frog's breath as well such nice glitter combos!

  6. The way you paired these fab blingy polishes ... now makes me kind of want the Revlon polishes. LOL!

  7. They are beautiful, I especially like the first one!

  8. Love Halloween. Such a fun holiday. Love seeing all the sparkles on your nails.

  9. You are such a dork-you realize that right?????? I do think I would like that first one, if it were in a clear base instead of a milky grey. I do think that would suit me better. But the rest are just too glittery and happy for me! Yes I do know I confuse you in my glitter love-I confuse me as well!


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