Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wheel H4: Purple Shimmers

Ah, purple, my favorite color, so nice to see you on this Nail Wheel Wednesday.

1. Sally Hansen New Lengths Fare Game Frost (3 coats) [not kidding about the frost part]
2. s-he 375 (3) [so delicate and glow-y]
3. Piggy Polish Lilac It That Way (3) [so pretty that I forgive the dumb name]
4. Borghese Argento Mist (3)
5. Collection 2000 185 (3)
6. Borghese Campanula Bellflower (3)
7. IsaDora Wonder Nail Sweet Violet (2)
8. Luminelle Mauve Captivant (3)
9. Zoya Danii (2)
10. Confetti Purple Parade (3)
11. Hard Candy unknown mini (3) [really needs topcoat]
12. Borghese unknown mini (3)
13. Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine Grape Crush (3)
14. Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Flair (2)
15. unknown mysterious mini (2)
16. Sally Hansen New Lengths Zesty Ginger Frost (3)
17. OPI You Ottaware Purple (4) [yeah, 4 coats; this baby is thin]
18. Orly Midnight Star (2) [unfortunately brushstrokey]
19. Rimmel 60 Seconds Night Before (2) [so much depth of color]
20. Ulta Empty Stocking (2)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

So let's see—what could I get rid of here? From a wearability perspective, I don't need both 1 and 4, and 4 is much less frosty (though it lacks the silver glitter of 1)—but 1 is part of the New Lengths "money frosts" set, and you know how I hate to break up sets. 10 and 12 are pretty similar, and 12's got a cuter (though smaller) bottle. Oh, this is hard.


  1. Purple is my favorite color too!! I love all these shades and even though some are similar I could never part with a purple lol!!

  2. Oh wow I only own a few purples, you have loads! Amazing collection!

    Jazz x

  3. Ah, purples are great! Lovely to see :)

  4. Oh, gorgeous purples, thanks for sharing all these - love them all!

  5. So much gorgeousness. I couldn't part with any of them!

  6. i don't have any favorite... i'm crazy for purples, love them all :D

  7. I love wearing purple:) Rimmel 60 Seconds Night Before is super pretty!

  8. These are all so pretty! I love purple polish. I really like that Isa Dora polish. I wish I had polish from that brand.

  9. These are all lush! My current fav purple is a jelly with copper flakies by Spoiled called Checkin' Into Rehab. It's perfect for a samich mani! :)

  10. Yay for purple. You need all of them. ROFL :)

  11. I also go weak in the knees for shimmery purples.

  12. Oh Karen, this is one beautiful nail wheel! All of them are so lovely! Purples have been my favourite polishes for a long time.

  13. I adore Nail Wheel Wednesday. I think I'm going to have to check this one on my desktop, though. The colors are looking washed out on the laptop. -_-

  14. Purple is my favorite color too :) I love this wheel and I think I like Zoya Danii the most.

  15. I've been unfaithful to purple lately (all because of my crush on green polishes) but it's still a shade I love to wear. Wonderful wheel!


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