Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 Giveaway

I am sufficiently rested up from all the watermarking and photo resizing needed for the Halloween displays post on Friday, so here finally my Halloween giveaway. There are eleven prizes, all new from the store. Okay, maybe not so new, since some of these I've been saving in my prize box since last year, but as all serious polish mavens know, a year is a mere blink of an eye in the life of a bottle of nail polish. The prizes are pumpkin-heavy since I can't resist those little guys.

Prize #1: Sally Hansen Salon Effects
Two boxes of these: Spun for You and Headbanger. The latter is not a Halloween design but rather one from the Avril Lavigne collection, but it's got skulls on it, so I think it fits the theme.

Prize #2: Fantasy Makers Tombstones

These are last year's colors, but you can call them vintage if anybody gives you trouble. Left to right: Night Glow (glow in the dark), Black Magic (multi microglitter in black), Vamp Red (deepest red creme), Purple Potion (bright purple glitter in black), Creepy Pumpkin (orange shimmer).

Prize #3: Claw Polish Set #1

Three coffin shaped bottles with the jagged claw marks design on the front. Left to right: Poison (purple shimmer), Voodoo (red microglitter), Phantom (grey shimmer).

Prize #4: Claw Polish Set #2

Four coffin shaped bottles with the smooth claws design on the front. Left to right: Bloodshed (red creme), unknown blue shimmer (I have seen many bottles of this, none with a name label), Sinister (black creme), and Toxic (green shimmer).

Prize #5: Pumpkin Set #1

All cremes: orange, black, and white. Classic Halloween.

Prize #6: Pumpkin Set #2

Orange glitter, orange black light shimmer, orange string glitter.

Prize #7: Pumpkin Set #3

Light green glow in the dark, purple with silver microglitter black light, neon green creme.

Prize #8: Pumpkin Set #4

Silver holographic string glitter, black creme, holographic crescent moons with black and silver glitter.

Prize #9: Pumpkin Set #5

Black and silver glitter, black creme, sivler glitter in black.

Prize #10: Pumpkin Set #6

Orange glitter in black, black creme, silver glitter in dark orange.

Prize #11: Nightmare Before Christmas set
I love this movie, so when I saw these polishes in bottles shaped like Jack Skellington's head, I had to have them. Based on using my own set, I have to say these are the oddest polish bottles in my collection. They're plastic, for one thing, and the bottoms aren't quite flat, for another. But they're so cute I forgive them for being oddly light and wobbly. There are three shimmers here: dark green, dark red, and dark purple.

To enter, fill out the form below. (Yes, it's a Google form; I know many of you would prefer to see Rafflecopter, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to cooperate with what I wanted.) You'll need to indicate your first, second, and third choices for what you'd like to win. If you're only interested in one specific prize, you can make that your first, second, AND third choice. If you link to this entry on your blog or Twitter or some other public space on the internet, your name will get put in the virtual hat at an additional time for your first choice prize. If you follow this blog on Google+ or Facebook, that's also good for another chance at your first choice prize. If you'd like to use an image to link, feel free to copy this one:

Contest will close at midnight in the Eastern U.S. time zone on October 10, 2012. International entries are welcome, though I realize shipping times may mean you get pumpkins for U.S. Thanksgiving instead of Halloween. Good luck, and thanks for reading!