Friday, October 8, 2010

Recent NOTD: Orly Too Much Bubbly

When putting away some of the polishes I've gotten lately, I came across an Orly I'd forgotten I had and decided to get reacquainted with it. It's Too Much Bubbly, which Google tells me is from the Neue Neutrals collection that came out in 2007. I think I bought it more recently than that, though, probably at one of the nail supply places that I periodically lose my mind in.

This shimmer is one of those shades that balances on the line between cool and warm. It pulled warmer-toned on my nails than it looks in the bottle, but still was a nice neutral for me. I used three coats because it's a bit sheer. It was also a bit slower to dry than I'm used to with Orly; with my quick dry top coat, it was dentable for longer than I expected. I don't know if this one's a different formula than the newer collections or if this is just a bad bottle. In any case, I just had to be a little more careful than I usually am immediately post-mani and it was fine.

It may look from some of these photos that this has a yellow flash. It does not; those yellow spots are the reflection of a neon shirt I was wearing, a souvenir from a race I ran back when I was doing such things (I hope to do them again one day). Most of my wardrobe is not nearly that bright, so it didn't occur to me that it would show in the pictures; now I know!


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  1. not my kind of color, but look goods on you

  2. "probably at one of the nail supply places that I periodically lose my mind in" - that has got to be the best phrase pertaining to nail polish shopping ever!

  3. I love the sentence about losing mind at nail supply places ;) Happens to me ever so often.

  4. Warm or cool toned, this is pretty!
    Looks something between gold,silver and lime :p

    I'm with ABOP, migdall and Zara ;)
    Have a good weekend!

  5. This is such a lovely color! So cute!


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