Friday, May 17, 2013

Mid-May Displays

It's been three weeks since my last display post, and I really shouldn't have let it go this long since once again I fear I have a more photos in my display folders than I have the patience to crop and watermark and post at one go. Let's just see how far I get, shall we?

As of that last display post, I'd only seen a four-color display of the Essie Neons 2013, but I've since spotted all six colors in a few places: Saturday Disco Fever (orange), Bottle Service (hot pink), DJ Play That Song (bright puprle), Shake Your $$ Maker (green), Boom Boom Room (medium pink), and Bouncer It's Me (blue).

Meijer had a sidekick with all the neons, white (Blanc), and the the In the Cab-ana Resort 2013 collection. Unfortunately I didn't see it until after some less well behaved folks had already defaced it by trying out some of the colors (and apparently some colors from other displays entirely).

A CVS with the Nail HQ had the neons displayed on an end of that unit (along with Blanc). This particular store had In the Cab-ana above the neons but other stores have had different collections or core colors instead. My display OCD was not too bad when I took this photo; I did reorient all the neon bottles so the white Essie label was facing front, but I did not feel compelled to straight out the resort shades or fill the gaps from the stock lurking behind the collection signs.

Ulta's display of the Essie neons not only had bottles of Blanc but directions on how to use it with the neons.

Ulta had another unlabeled Essie display, the theme of which seemed to be "colors you've seen before that you might consider wearing this summer". It caught my eye mostly because one of the colors is my 2012 summer fling, Bikini So Teeny. Seeing it again brought back some fond memories. Top row: Tart Deco, Haute as Hello, Cute as a Button, Peach Daiquiri, Watermelon, Too Too Hot. Bottom row: Mint Candy Apple, Turquiose & Caicos, Pretty Edgy, Bikini So Teeny, Mesmerize, Splash of Grenadine.

Wrapping up the Essie segment of this post, Meijer had what I think are four new designs of Sleek Sticks. Sea Me Shine is blue and silver dots on a blue background. Shoot for the Moon is silver dots on turquoise. Small Pleasures is hot pink lace on lilac. Croc Madam is turquoise croc print on light teal. I've yet to try these strips because I've yet to see them on sale.

Right next to that Essie Sleek Sticks display was a Cover Girl display I've only seen at Meijer so far. It has nine shades of limited edition Outlast polishes in mini bottles as well as some "lipslick smoochies". The polishes are in 3.5 ml (.11 oz.) bottles and apparently are called "glosstinis". Shades left to right: Appletini, Blue Hawaiian, Orange Oasis, Lemon Drop, Sangria, Pink Lady, Purple Freeze, Bahama Mama, and Pina Colada (no tilde).

At a different Meijer, I saw a Cover Girl sidekick with five of the glosstinis shades in it along with a bunch of other makeup items.

Meijer is also the only place I've seen the L'Oreal Denim Shades display. This says "limited edition" on it, but that doesn't refer to the three nail polish shades which are included, as those are core colors: Jet Set to Paris, Now You See Me, After Hours.

The L'Oreal Miss Candy collection does have limited edition nail colors in it. I've shared several variations of the display in earlier posts, but I came across a new one at a Walgreens, where it was tucked into a "Trend Boutique" section of the core display on the wall.

I've also seen a couple new display variations for the Maybelline summer collection. At Walgreens, it was part of a big endcap that was mostly Garnier products.

At CVS, just the nail polishes were in a little tower box on a shelf.

Speaking of display variations for collections we've seen before, Sally Hansen has some new ones out. At CVS, the recent Complete Salon Manicure limited edition designer collection was in a big endcap with some core colors (including the Lippmann-esque
Mermaid's Tale) and the Lustre Shine line.

At Walgreens, those same designer collection colors were in a tower display with different core colors and some emery boards.

Also at Walgreens, there was a Sally Hansen endcap with the summer limited edition Salon Effects, the summer limited edition Insta Dri colors, some Xtreme Wear core colors, and the Diamond Strength limited edition colors. Every time I've seen this display, it didn't have two of the Diamond Strength colors; sometimes those slots were filled with core colors or topcoat and sometimes they were left empty.

Sally Hansen has some new displays with new stuff in them, too. They're jumping on the texture wagon with Sugar Coat, which are bumpy cremes similar to the Milani and China Glaze I shared during Texture Week but mostly in colors we haven't seen before with this finish. Eight shades here: Sugar Fix, Sweetie, Sour Apple, Bubble Plum, Cherry Drop, Cotton Candies, Razzleberry, and Lick-O-Rich.

At the same time as Sugar Coat showed up, Sally Hansen put out Fuzzy Coat, which is a different sort of texture. These are packed with matte bar glitter. The shades here: All Yarned Up, Fuzzy Fantasy, Fuzz-Sea, Wool Lite, Peach Fuzz, Wool Knot, Tight Knit, and Tweedy.

Here's a sight to make a polish shopper happy—a completely full display with a sale tag on it:

I saw the Sugar Coat and Fuzzy Coat displays above at Meijer, but the collections also showed up at CVS in a big endcap that also had Salon Effects, Insta Dri and Nail Art pens (nothing we haven't seen before in those categories).

CVS also has some summer polish gift packs. There are two different Spoiled by Wet 'n' Wild sets with three polishes (core colors as far as I could tell), toe separators, and flip flops. I think it's cute to have toenail polish that matches the sandals, but I didn't see any sizes on these and I'm not sure who buy shoes just hoping they'll fit.

If mystery shoes don't appeal but you want a summer polish gift for someone, CVS also has Wet 'n' Wild MegaLast baskets with eight polishes (core colors, I believe), toe separators, files, and a buffer block.

Still at CVS, I spotted a brand I don't recal seeing there before, elf (or e.l.f., really, but that's a lot of periods to type every time). There were six colors in the display, none of which had names as far as I could tell. I was most intrigued by the flakie on the left; it looked similar to Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. I've seen this at only a couple CVS stores so far.

Something I've seen at only a couple Walgreens stores so far is a Wet 'n' Wild Fan Favorites display. The tag line at the top says "Guess what? We're bringing back the Ice Baby Collection!", and sure enough, at the bottom of the display there are little square bottles of Color Icon glitters. When I got up close, some of them didn't look like I remembered from the original release of Ice Baby. I strongly suspect they didn't so much bring them back as re-use the names and re-bottle some of the Fergie glitters. I did buy some so I can do comparisons, so look for those in the next few weeks.

The only new thing I've spotted at my Sally Beauty lately is the Orly Mash Up collection. Six colors: Harmonious Mess (lilac), Choreographed Chaos (pink), Sparkling Garbage (green scattered holo), Mayhem Mentality (bright orange), Pretty-Ugly (light blue), and Beautiful Disaster (plum).

At Five Below, it can be hard to tell what's new, but this time they put up signs. Apparently there's a new Funky Fingers Over the Rainbow collection. Since it wasn't entirely clear from the bins which polishes were in the collection and which weren't (the bin with the polish called "The Wizard" was not labeled as Over the Rainbow, which just seemed wrong), I checked their website. The Over the Rainbow page talked about collecting all six colors but only showed five in the photo, so I'm still somewhat confused. In the photo, the bin on the left is the aforementioned The Wizard, a silver/multi glitter (called just Wizard on the website). Next is The Powerful Purple (I think it would be more powerful if it were darker or shimmery or duochrome). The next bin to the right has Taffy Town (coral, not from Over the Rainbow) and Cyclone Sky (light blue, from Over the Rainbow). Then there's Mrs. Mint (mint green, not Over the Rainbow). Next to Mrs. Mint, there's Over the Rainbow, another coral and part of Over the Rainbow. According to the website, My Pretty Pink and Evanora's Envy are the two remaining colors in the Over the Rainbow Collection, but where they were in the store I've no idea. Maybe I'll go back and look now that I know the names (and possibly rearrange the signs/polishes while I'm there).

Let's finish our shopping trip today with a stop at Ulta. They had Zoya PixieDust Summer Edition, which of course we looked at during Texture Week.

They had Orly Brights, which is all re-releases: Melt Your Popsicle, Oh Cabana Boy, Purple Crush, and Glowstick. (They also had Orly Mash Up, but we saw that at Sally earlier.)

Finally, they had OPI Couture de Minnie. This has Magazine Cover Mouse (red Liquid Sand), Minnie Style (red/white glitter), Chic from Ears to Tail (pink), A Definite Moust-Have (coral pink), and Innie Minnie Mightie Bow (red).

I think that's quite enough shopping for one post, don't you?


  1. What a super colorful post!!! I'm so curious about Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat collection. And I really hope that Couture de Minnie will arrive in Italy, I've already fallen in love with the textured shade. In the end, I ordered a couple of Zoyas Summer Pixie Dusts (Liberty and Solange), can't wait for my package arrival! :)

  2. Oh wow so many pretty polishes... I hope that the Sally Hansen sugar coat polishes will arrive in Italy too. And there seems to be such a wider choice than here, and the prices are also lower, lucky you!

  3. Like Cristina, I'm also attracted to those Sally Hansen Fuzzy coats...thank you for these posts!!! I love 'em!

  4. I always enjoy your display posts, Karen. they make me long for US trips even more that I do already :) Thanks so much for sharing

  5. OMG! So many polishes, so little monies....

  6. Sooo many pretties - that Covergirl stand looks really interesting!

  7. Thank you for taking the time to make these posts! I really love just looking at them (since I'm on the other side of the world) :D

  8. I'm always looking forward to your display pictures :) I wish I could go on vacation in the US. Finger Paints on sale, wow.

  9. the displays. I'm waiting for those Essie strips to go on sale too lol

  10. omg how many divine colors *.*

  11. Thank you for all your hard work! These displays look awesome and I can't wait to go and check them out for myself!

  12. Definitely checking out those SH Fuzzy Coat polishes!

  13. i wish we had give below here. and yes, i don't get how you would buy flip flops without a size....

    lovely post. always fun to see the new displays.

  14. So many beautiful colours, I love "colors you've seen before that you might consider wearing this summer" display and Sugar Coat and Fuzzy Coat displays :-)

  15. I'm breathless, following your grand tours among shelves is like daydreaming!!! I'd love to find Funky Fingers bins here (after you rearranged them!!) just to put my hands in them.
    BTW "Here's a sight to make a polish shopper happy" :D yay for full displays + sale tags!


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