Thursday, July 3, 2014

Early July Displays

It's been three weeks since my last display post so it feels like the time is right to go through my folders and share what I've seen since then, continuing with the alphabetical by brand system that's been working well for me since I started it several display posts back.

First up, Bonita, with the Blooming Colors display I saw at Rite Aid (RA continues to be the only place I've ever seen this brand). There are eight shades here: Fall and Catch, #pink, Juvia, Spring Violet (was this supposed to be a spring display, put out before the one that showed up in April?), Creaamson (don't get this name at all—a play on cream, maybe? but this is bright yellow, not creamy), Honey Me (would have been a better name for that yellow), Frosty (wait, that's a winter name), Miss Piggy (I think the pink should have had this name; this one could be #coral).

Rite Aid also had a Bonita display, You Mint a Lot to Me, with a different bottle style (and a lower price—$1.49 versus the $2.49 for the previous ones, quite a deal considering these are .4 oz. compared to the .5 oz. of the others). Six colors here: Good Lookin' Out, This Beach is Bombay, Banana-Ana, Tag You're It, You Mint a Lot to Me, and Flaming Juan.

I'm conflicted about sharing these next two Rite Aid finds. On the one hand, I saw them, and don't know how long they'll be around if you see them and want to track them down. On the other hand, they're HALLOWEEN polishes. HALLOWEEN! That's months away. It would be nice to be able to celebrate Independence Day tomorrow before I start getting Halloween shoved in my face. Sigh.

So there's this Bonita Nail-o-ween set, which has four polishes (lime, orange, black, and white; the first two are glow in the dark) plus nail stickers.

Then there's the Bonita Witches Ball display, which has six colors in the square Salon line: Too Cute to Spook, Cocktails and Carving, Wicked Good Time, Lacquer Treats, Eat Drink and Be Scary (cute name), and Dying to Party.

At Sally Beauty last night, I saw a China Glaze collection I hadn't heard anything about, The Giver. Apparently it's movie tie-in for a film that's out August 15th. There are twelve shades here. Front row, left to right: Intelligence Integrity & Courage, New Birth, The Outer Edge, Five Rules, Friends Forever Right?, Seeing Red. Back row: History of the World, Capacity to See Beyond, Givers Theme, Boundary of Memory, Release, Community. Givers Theme and Boundary of Memory are microglitters; the rest are cremes (or maybe subtle shimmers, I didn't take that close a look once I saw no sparkles).

The next new display I saw at Sally's was a brand I'd never heard of before: Cinapro. The Nail Sugar display had eight shades of "liquid nail art", by which I think they mean "chunky glitters". These have a light in the cap, like those Lise Watier ones I tried to buy in Canada.

I was somwhat distressed by the way these were displayed cap down; that seems an ideal way to leak polish into the threads and get the bottles stuck shut, but oh well. The shades are: Cherry Cola (red), Hyperactive (lime), Sweet Tooth (blue), Golden Ticket (gold), Sugar Rush (silver/multi), Cotton Candy (pink), Black Licorice (black/silver), and Rock Candy (purple).

Based on the swatch sticks next to the display, some of the Cinapros can be worn alone and some are layering polishes.

The Essie summer collection, Haute in the Heat, is pretty much everywhere at this point. There's a four-color shelf top display I saw at Rite Aid (and later at Walgreens and CVS, though the one at CVS had a black plastic base rather than the white). Shades here are Strut Your Stuff (blue), Ruffles & Feathers (green), Haute in the Heat (red), and Urban Jungle (bone).

Ulta had a six-color shelf top display for Haute in the Heat. The two additional colors here are Fierce No Fear (brown) and Roarrrrange (orange).

Bed Bath & Beyond had a six-color freestanding tower.

At one CVS, I found all six colors of Haute in the Heat in the Nail Bar (I hope I caught them in the middle of resetting the section, because I had to peek around behind a big Rimmel floor display to see this end of the Nail Bar).

At a different CVS, I found not the shelf top display or the Nail Bar, but a tiny six-color sidekick. I'm starting to feel like I'm hunting Pokemon as I come across all these variations—gotta catch 'em all.

In their continuing quest to see how many FingerPaints they can get me to buy, Sally Beauty put out the Enchanted Mermaid display, with four shades: Underwater Enchantress, Tails of Love, Sailor's Lure, and Sea Temptress. (Yeah, I should have made sure all the bottles were facing front before I snapped the photo, but I was too eager to grab these and take them home.)

There's a Five Below in the same strip as three of the four Ulta stores I frequent (in two cases, they're right next door to each other), so I stopped by even though I'd just been there and wasn't expecting to see anything new because I hadn't heard of anything new or seen anything new on their website. But there was something new: a Frostbitten collection. There are three colors here (this particular store for some reason had the third one in an unlabelled bin nowhere near the first two), all glitters: Anna (white with magenta and blue), Elsa (icy blue and white), and Olaf (white). Does Disney know about this?

Last display post, I had the Maybelline Color Show Jewels that Bed Bath & Beyond put out earlier than other stores (and later I swatched them). Those have since shown up at Ulta, along with the Veil Detail display of Color Show Veils. The display calls these "textured top coats" but so did the Jewels one and those were pretty much just layering glitters. Five shades here: Teal Beam, Amethyst Aura, Blue Glaze, Rose Mirage, and Crystal Disguise.

The same CVS that had the tall slim Essie sidekick had a tall slim Maybelline display with both the Jewels and the Veils; this one highlights the Textured Top Coats concept.

When I swatched the Nicole by OPI Seize the Summer colors, I hadn't seen them in stores yet. Now I have. Bed Bath & Beyond had a shelf top display; left to right: Leapink for Joy, Shaved Nice, The Coral of the Story, and Lay It on the Lime.

I also saw the NOPI colors in a CVS Nail Bar.

Rite Aid had the NYC New York Color City Samba display, with eight shades of polish, plus three nail art stripers and three lip glosses. The polish shades are: Ocean Blue, Jacaranda Flower, Palm on the Beach, Amazon Green, Copabanana, Sweet Melon, Tropicoral, and Carnival Red (bright red, hidden behind the lipgloss in the photo).

The OPI Coca-Cola collection has hit my Ulta stores. At every single one, the red creme was sold out before I got there (and at a couple, the black/red glitter was gone, too); maybe they'll restock. I love that the display incorporates the shape of the ribbon from the Coca-Cola logo.

The red creme was available in the mini set; the 10 Pack of Style has eight of the nine colors from the collection (the orange/red/gold glitter is missing) plus Nail Envy and Top Coat.

Ulta also had the OPI Ford Mustang collection, released to coincide with the 50th anniversar of this iconic car. These have pony overwrap on the caps, which is a nice touch (until it peels off, I suppose). There are six shades here: Race Red, Angel with a Leadfoot (white), 50 Years of Style (gold), Queen of the Road (charcoal), Girls Love Ponies (bright pink, about which I have things to say but will do so later when I swatch these), and The Sky's My Limit. The mini set (not pictured), called the Pony pack, has four of the colors (red, gold, white, pink).

Sally Hansen apparently has a compulsive need to introduce a new line every month or so; I saw the latest one at Walgreens this morning: Miracle Gel. This is their entry into the "no light needed but you do have to have this special topcoat" gel market, like Revlon's Colorstay Gel Envy or L'Oreal's Gel Lacque. You can buy the polish and the top coat separately for $9.99 each or get a kit that has both for $15.99, though there are a fewer color selections in the kits.

Ms. Hansen didn't go easy on us completist collectors with this line; there are 35 shades here. Colors, top row: Birthday Suit, Bare Dare, How Nude, Truffle Shuffle, Pink Cadillaquer, Rosie Riviter (their spelling, not mine), Pinky Rings, Pink Up, Pretty Piggy. Second row: Pink Tank, All Chalked Up, B Girl, Greyfitti, Street Flair, Camo Queen, Grey Matters, Electra-cute, Shock Wave. Third row: Short Cir-cute, Hydro Electric, Sugar Fix, Malibu Peach, Lemon Heaven, Smartease, Meet My Thistle, Creme de la Creme, Get Mod. Bottom row: Blacky O, Twiggy, Game of Chromes, Too Haute, Super Charge, Combustealble, Hunger Flames, Purplexed. The bottles at the ends of the rows with the white caps are the top coat.

No wait, there are more than 35 shades, because some of the kits have colors that aren't in the individual bottle sections. Gah, Sally why you do this to me? Kits here are: Birthday Suit, Pink Cadillaquer, Pretty Piggy, B Girl, Street Flair, Shock Wave, Redgy, Style Maker, Tidal Wave, Dig Fig, Red Eye, and Wine Stock. You know what else? There are even more shades on the Sally Hansen website than are in this display. I think it might be best if I just pretend this line doesn't exist.

In the same Walgreens where I saw the gel line, I also saw a sidekick with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure colors called Lights + Brights. Some of these shades looked familiar because they're core but some looked new. Top row: Clear'd for Takeoff, Shell We Dance, Pink a Card, Sweet Talker, Arm Candy. Second row: Hello Sunshine (new), Jaded, Peach of Cake, Sheer Ecstasy, Almost Almond. Third row: Summer Lovin' (new), Back to the Fuchsia, Get Juiced, Firey Island, Beach Redy (new). Bottom row: Blue Crush (new), Leis-y Days (new), Summertime (new), Searsucker (new), Mermaid's Tale.

We'll wrap up today with SinfulColors, which has released a bunch of new displays as per usual. Let's start with the two that have the fewest new colors in them. Walgreens has Light It Up, which has six polishes and three nail art stripers. Polish shades are: Hottie, Decadent, Pride, Endless Blue, Energetic Red, and Teal the End (new).

Rite Aid has a similar display called Get Schooled Art Major with different colors. Polishes here (none new): Fig, Ruby Ruby, Let's Meet, Big Daddy, Blue Crushin, Clear Coat. The only color that gave me pause here was Let's Meet, which I remembered as being more shimmery than the bottles here.

Walgreens has Practice Your Accents, which is mostly not new colors, either. Left to right: Clear Coat, Thimbleberry, Cream Pink, Cool Gray, Beige of Honor (new), Beaches and Cream (new), Ruby Ruby, Calypso. I later saw this display with Island Coral and Tempest (light purple) instead of Thimbleberry and Cool Gray, so I'm not sure what's actually supposed to be in here.

There are SinfulColors displays with mostly new stuff, too. I saw Silk + Satin at Walgreens. This has six new "silk" finish colors, displayed with Clear Coat to use to turn the silk to shiny satin according to the photos on the display. Color here (all new except the clear): Silver Solution, Prime Purple, Pipaya, Real Teal, Matte About Blue, Solar Flux. I don't know if these are matte finish or satin finish or what, but I plan to swatch and find out.

Rite Aid had Go Full Throttle, which has five new rubberized finish colors plus three previously released shades. Left to right: Race Rubber (new), Red Tried (new), Rubber Ball (new), Burn Rubber (new), Casablanca, Rain Rubber (new), Snow Me White, Gold Medal.

The last new thing is SinfulColors Declare Your Style, a sidekick I saw at Walgreens.

This has several sections, the most interesting of which was the top one, Color Mixology, which had SinfulShine shades, some of which I don't recall seeing before. Left to right: Shine Annie (new), Too Cool for Pool (new), Sea Glisten (new), Royal Flush, Spitfire, Most Sinful, Picante, Banananpeal.

The second section, Leather Bound, had the rubberized ones from Go Full Throttle plus Clear Coat. The bottom three sections were all previously released colors as far as I could tell.

And that wraps up today's shopping trip. I'm off work tomorrow but may pop in to post an Independece Day mani, should I actually manage to do the one I have planned. I might skip that in favor of going to store locations I don't usually get so, ad I'm keeping an eye out for a couple display I know are coming but which I haven't seen yet: SinfulColors OMGeode and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear pastels.


  1. Gosh I love these posts. It is like shopping without having to go anywhere or spend any money.

  2. I am amazed at all the places you have around you. And even more amazed that you seem to get to photograph these displays before half the polish is gone or everything has been mixed up. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  3. Oh WOW, once again you are showing mouth watering photos, I have started using a napkin before opening these posts :D

  4. Awww Karen, these posts always make me drool lol! Great thanks for sharing :-)

    Hehe I'll take Maria's advice and have a napkin ready for next month's post!

  5. I love these posts! Not so much now that my Walgreens never gets anything anymore... but still. :) I can't believe you found Hallween polish already!

  6. Halloween polishes all ready? Eeep! So much being released; too hard to keep up!

  7. there's some really cheap polishes! so much cheaper than in canada... the light in the cap ones are interesting... i wonder how bright the light is... i use a pretty bright desk light but i guess the light in the cap might be better than nothing when travelling or something

  8. I love these posts! I also wondered if Disney knows about the "Frostbitten" collection, and don't those Halloween characters look the teensiest bit South Park-ish?

  9. O________O I should avoid Bed, Bath & Beyond for the time being.....

  10. Wait - The Giver has polishes? I need to look this up stat. and I don't know about those Halloween polishes. I know that holidays keep getting bumped up but that's kinda crazy.

  11. With so many nail polishes in the stores I wouldn't know which one to take and spend a week in them ;) :D
    These Halloweens... yeah, right, you'll see Christmas polishes in a month or so ;)

  12. halloween polishes already out??? love the colors, all of collections look great :D

  13. I just love theses posts, it's fun seeing your pics of the polishes in 'the wild!' Watch out for the pretty green Bonita Halloween polish, it's the worst staining polish I've ever used... gorgeous though. Also, my local Ulta had the entire NOPI collection dumped in the clearance section, I was so excited till they rang up at normal price. I still picked up the two bottles of Lay it On the Lime, I've been searching for that since I first saw it online. I'm also excited about the chunky glitters from Cinapro, the green is awesome, but they're $7.99 each, I'll wait till they're on sale.

  14. wow that is a nail polish lover's paradise!!! :) I curious now as to how many polishes you have :D
    You've got a great blog going on here dear...

  15. Wow, Halloween polishes in July :))


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