Monday, July 14, 2014

SinfulColors Silk + Satin Collection

As was the case with the SinfulColors Full Throttle collection, I received three shades from the SinfulColors Silk + Satin collection, then before I got time to swatch them, saw the display and grabbed the other new colors, too. Left to right: Silver Solution, Prime Purple, Matte About Blue, Real Teal, Pipaya, and Solar Flux. The first three are review samples; the other three I bought at Rite Aid. The hook with this collection is the finish, described in the press release as a "demi-matte silk texture".

Solar Flux is a light yellow creme. I used three coats, though if I'd gone with a slightly thicker application, I might well have been able to stop at two, as this is very well behaved for a yellow, especially one on the pale end. It dries to what I'd call a satin finish—not full matte, but definitely not shiny.

Prime Purple is a warm lilac creme. I used two coats, then added topcoat just to my tips, which gave me a very, very subtle funky French effect.

Pipaya is a red-leaning orange creme. I used two coats of this as well.

For the sake of comparison, I added a few different topcoats to Pipaya. Left to right: no topcoat, Cult Nails Wax That, Sinful Matte Finish, regular shiny topcoat.

Real Teal is a blue green shimmer, and I think the shimmer makes all the difference in showing off the silk finish to advantage. I used three coats of this one and thought it was gorgeous when it dried and looked all soft and glowy.

I thought Real Teal looked good shiny, too. Below you can see the silk finish on my index finger on the left and shiny topcoat added to the other three fingers.

And here are the shiny fingers glowing in low light—so pretty.

Matte About Blue is also a shimmer, a royal blue one. The shimmer in this was more subtle than in the Real Teal, maybe becuase the base color was a bit deeper.

To play with the visual texture of Matte About Blue, I added regular shiny topcoat to all but my ring finger, which got OPI Matte Top Coat for maximum matteness.

I really liked the blue both very matte and very shiny, and it looked good both ways in low light, too:

The last color in the collection is Silver Solution, a silver metallic. This was more sheer than any of the others; I used three coats and there was still visible nail line, though that didn't really bother me in this case. The sparkle of the silver took center stage, with the silk finish getting a bit lost though probably still serving to soften the overall look.

I used Silver Solution as a base for some dotted nail art with Prime Purple, Matte About Blue, and Pipaya.

Real Teal is the standout in this collection as far as I'm concerned. Any of the cremes would fill the need if you wanted a satin finish but didn't have the time to add a satin/wax topcoat (or didn't have a satin/wax topcoat). I've seen this collection at Rite Aid and believe it should also be showing up at Walgreens soon; it's priced at $1.99 a bottle same as regular finish SinfulColors. To keep up with SinfulColors, you can follow @SinfulColors_NP on Twitter and like SinfulColors Professional on Facebook.

Three of thee polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider, and I get to keep the polishes for my own use.


  1. Ohhh nice. I love the teal, blue and silver and I think the yellow. I saw this display once in one of the Walgreens I frequent, hopefully it is still there.

  2. Prime Purple and Matte About You look like nice colours! But I agree with you, Real Teal is the real deal here, gorgeous how that shimmer comes to life with a shiny top coat!

  3. I really like Real Teal and Matte About Blue. I love matte polishes with shimmer!

  4. OOoooooohhhhhh I keep seeing these and wondering "Silk?"... I get it now. ^_^ lol

  5. I am so happy now that I grabbed all of these when I saw them. I wasn't sure what a silk finish was, but I like it. It looks like a satin ribbon.

  6. I like the finish a lot - the favorite is Solar Flux!

  7. The yellow and the blue are my favourites. I like the dots :)

  8. Colour wise.. they're a bit on the meh side. But the application is so NICE.

  9. These look good! And Real Teal is stealing my heart as we speak! Haha it's awesome :-)

  10. Beautiful polishes and swatches! My favourite is Matte About Blue :)


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