Thursday, July 10, 2014

Funky Fingers Frostbitten Collection

Today I've got swatches of the three glitters in the Funky Fingers Frostbitten collection I shared in my most recent display post, which based on the names and colors of the polishes and the snowflake glitters contained therein, must have been inspired by the Disney movie Frozen, the songs from which get stuck in my head on a semi-regular basis even though I've only seen the movie once. Left to right below: Elsa, Olaf, and Anna. All of these are wintery-looking glitter in clear bases.

Anna has ice blue and white satin and matte hex glitter in various sizes along with white snowflake shaped glitter.

I layered Elsa over my favorite deep blue, Orly La Playa. Getting the hex glitter out of the bottle and onto my nails was no problem, but the snowflakes took some fishing. I ended up pouring a blob of polish out of the bottle onto a piece of paper and using one of my dotting tools to pick up snowflakes and place them on my nails. I ended up with 2-ish coats of Elsa in all. I then added topcoat to help smooth over the glitter and make sure the snowflakes stayed put.

I think this looked quite snowstorm-y and very fitting for the Elsa character.

Olaf has white matte hex glitter in a range of sizes plus small iridescent glitter. I am 80% sure there are a few snowflake shaped glitters in there, too, but they were elusive, and I did not manage to get them to show up on camera in the bottle, much less on my nails.

For a base under Olaf, I used Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine Teal Slowly and Sea, a turquoise creme. (You may recall this creme was a casualty in the great polish disaster of '14, the aftermath of which I shared at the bottom of this post. I was able to find this replacement bottle on a blog sale at Storenvy; I've so far managed to replace just over half of the bottles I lost.) I used two coats of Olaf over the blue; it didn't need topcoat (though probably would have if I'd managed to capture any snowflakes).

The look of Olaf is quite fitting for polish named for a snowman, but for added wintery-ness, I topped this swatch with a coat of Elsa (and went fishing for one lone snowflake). I think the iridescent glitter in Olaf would have more impact over a darker base, so I'll have to try that next time (which might not be until winter now that I think about it).

The last polish in this group is Anna, the most colorful of the trio. Like the others, this has plenty of matte white hexes in different sizes, and some white snowflakes, plus magenta and purple metallic hexes and blue snowflakes.

I applied Anna over a base of OPI A Grape Affair, the deep purple creme from the Coca-Cola collection. Like with Elsa, getting the snowflakes out required a fishing expedition. I ended up with about two coats of Anna over the purple base.

You might see what looks like curling in some of the metallic hex glitter, but that's reflective only; they were flat to the touch.

I think Forsythe (the company behind Funky Fingers, Color Club, and Studio M) did a great job interpreting the movie and characters here. Sure, I wish the snowflakes were easier to get out of the bottles, but that's a challenge with lots of shaped glitters. The clear base in these is a pretty good consistency, not too goopy like some glitters have (Sally Hansen, I'm looking at Beach Ball when I say that). I think these are great fun and good quality for the the money ($2 each, 3 for $5).


  1. CUTE!!! Yup, I will need these and of course a Five Below lol I haven't even seen the movie but I love that little snowman guy. He cracks me up.

  2. These are all so cute! I love Anna the most, the different coloured glitters look so fun!

  3. Anna is my fav. Olaf is dupe with a kleancolor I have but if I bump into the 3 for $5 I will get them all and gift it.

  4. I'm glad to hear you've been able to replace some of your polishes!

  5. I love them all! Great, great glitters :)

  6. i love Olaf... so soft and delicate looking... love it over the baby blue!

  7. Olaf is my favorite, so super pretty!

  8. Oh wow these look stunning! I love the last one best :-)

  9. Very good job of them to include snowflakes in the collection, very appropriate lol Tempted to ask for a bottle of Olaf for Squirt, she's obsessed with the movie and him, but I probably have something similar somewhere, except the snowflakes

  10. I just made my first polish expedition into 5 Below this past weekend! I got so many awesome polishes (wearing Guava/Honeydew/Glitter Matters right now!) and the Frozen polishes are just wonderful. I swatched Olaf over Pure Ice Hit the Floor (aka CG Ruby Pumps) and it was great. I didn't mind not getting the snowflakes out in that instance, took on a candy cane vibe instead.

  11. Ooooh Anna is gorgeous! I was just in the states for a bit (catching up on blogs now... ahhh!) and am now kicking myself for not seeking these out!


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