Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Tahiti Sunset Swatches and Comparisons

If you were reading my blog last fall, you may remember that I swatched every shade in the Sally Hansen Triple Shine line when it was first introduced. Then this past spring, I swatched the Palm Beach Jellies, the first limited edition colors of Triple Shine. Accordingly, I felt I had to continue the tradition and swatch the second set of limited edition Triple Shine colors, those from the Tahiti Sunset display; this came out a few months ago but I have still seen it in stores recently. This group has three cremes and three glitters; the display also has the clear topcoat from the core line. Left to right: Pink Coconut, Changing Tides, Taheati, Sparktacular, Seasational, and Archiplea-Glow.

Pink Coconut is a medium pink creme. I used three coats; two might have been okay as well, but three is my default setting.

I compared Pink Coconut to the closest color in the core line, Reef-Raf. Left to right: Pink Coconut, Reef-Raf, Pink Coconut, Reef-Raf. You can see that Reef-Raf is warmer than Pink Coconut.

Changing Tides, the companion to Pink Coconut, has tiny pink and small blue glitter in a sheer pink base.

I layered two coats of Changing Tides over Pink Coconut, then finished with Triple Shine Top Coat.

Since I had a lot of fun with layering when I did the original set of Triple Shine swatches, I grabbed some colors from the core line to come play with these LEs. The look below started with Pink Coconut on all my nails. I added one coat of Clam Up, the light pink shimmer, on all but my ring finger. The ring finger got topped with two coats of Changing Tides plus two coats of Twinkled Pink, which has silver and iridescent hex glitter and small iridescent glitter in a sheer pink base.

The next pair of limited edition colors are the oranges. The creme is Taheati, and it's a straight up bright orange. I used three coats for my swatch, no topcoat.

Compared to the orange in the core line, Playing Koi, Taheati leans more toward yellow and less toward red. Left to right below: Taheati, Playing Koi, Taheati, Playing Koi.

The companion to Taheati is Sparktacular. This has tiny copper glitter and small gold and sea green glitter in a sheer orange base.

I went right to comparisons with Sparktacular, pulling Triple Shine Dream Sequins from the core line and Rescue Beauty Lounge Burn the Evidence from my swatching queue (some colors wait in the queue so long they give up and just slink off to the Helmers with the rest of my stash). Neither of these is a match for Sparktacular—I knew that from the bottles, but I was still interested to see the different effects they'd have. Left to right below, 2 coats plus clear topcoat over Taheati: Dream Sequins, Sparktacular, Burn the Evidence, Sparktacular. In contrast to Sparktacular's multiple colors, the other two glitters are monochromatic, with the RBL having much smaller particles than the Triple Shine copper.

As I had for the pinks, I pulled some core Triple Shine colors to combine with the oranges. Top to bottom below: Taheati plus 1 coat Great White (white shimmer), Taheati plus 2 coats Sparktacular, Taheati plus 2 coats Pearly Whites (iridescent small glitter and shredded flakies), Taheati plus 2 coats Sparktacular plus 2 coats Pearly Whites. The last three also have clear topcoat.

I thought Taheati might get along well with pink, too, so I did another set of layering experiments with it. Top to bottom below, all over Taheati, all under clear topcoat: 1 coat of Clam Up (pink shimmer), 2 coats of Changing Tides (pink/blue LE glitter), 2 coats of Twinkled Pink, 2 coats of Pearly Whites (looking particularly sticky-uppy).

The last set of colors in this LE collection are the teals. The creme half of the pair is Seasational, a medium teal green. My swatch is two coats, no topcoat.

The closest thing to Seasational in the core Triple Shine line is Dive In, and it's not that close. Dive In is a lot lighter and touch more blue-leaning. Left to right below: Seasational, Dive In, Seasational, Dive In.

The other half of this last pair is Archipela-Glow, which has fine teal green glitter in a sheer teal base. It has a close cousin in the core line, Seanic, which has slightly bigger teal green glitter. Left to right below, 2 coats over Seasational and under topcoat: Archipela-Glow, Seanic, Archipela-Glow.

I'll wrap things up with some layering over Seasastional with various Triple Shine shades. Top to bottom, 2 coats plus topcoat over Seasational: Archipela-Glow, Fanta-sea (turquoise and silver glitter), Hypnautical (blue/green iridescent glitter and shredded flakies), Pool Party (light blue shimmer).

I like this limited edition group from Triple Shine much better than the first one (those Palm Beach Jellies that turned out to be not really jellies but watery tints). They complement the core colors nicely. I wish Archipela-Glow had an accent color in it like the other two glitters do, perhaps a pink or copper so all the glitters would have warm/cool contrast in them. Or purple; purple pretty much always works regardless of the situation.

My brain defaults to layering when faced with glitter, so that's what I did with these, but they don't have to be worn that way. You can see two of these glitters on their own over at The Lacquerologist.

At the pace Sally Hansen has been putting out new stuff in recent months, I wouldn't be surprised to see another LE Triple Shine display show up very soon. When it does, you know I'll be grabbing those colors, too.


  1. These look good - I really like the glitter and they look good layered! Archiplea-Glow looks like I'd love it! And Changing Tides is just so pretty :-)

  2. I was on the fence with the teals but I did grab the orange two.I am still in my orange phase apparently.

  3. I have Taheati and I love it, and it was on sale at Target!! the rest I liked more the Dive In for the core collection. The glitters just don't do much for me this time.

  4. Oh wow I love Taheati and Seasational. Very pretty! :D

  5. There is nothing like good traditions like this - and what a perfect excuse to buy more polish :D
    It's a pretty collection!

  6. I picked up a couple of these; I think Sparktacular's may be a good fall colour.


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