Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wheel Y6: Violet Shimmers

I painted the star of this episode of Nail Wheel Wednesday back when I was going gangbusters with my swatching project and was just about caught up in some of the categories, meaning I had fewer options when deciding which 20 polishes went on each wheel. Thus this collection of violet shimmers has a range from light to dark, purple to blurple, dusty to clear. A couple blues even snuck on here.

1. Love & Beauty Dusty Blue (3 coats) [such a subtle shimmer I might as well have put on a creme wheel]
2. Nic's Sticks Vio-let's Go (3) [love the golden shimmer in this one; don't like the packaging]
3. Nicole by OPI Back to Reality TV (3)
4. Sinful Zeus (3) [3 & 4 are showing their dark side here; see comparison I did of the two for their lighter, more blue side]
5. Finger Paints Grape Gumball (2) [needs topcoat]
6. Ulta 3 Sweet Violet (2) [hello brushstrokes]
7. Barielle Jess' Champagne Toast (2) [definitely needs topcoat but I do like the pink glitter in it]
8. Zoya Neeka (2) [I'd forgotten how pretty this one is, with its gold highlights]
9. Zoya Nimue (2)
10. Anna Sui 200 (3)
11. Blaster (3) [pretty, but looks like it needs to be layered over a dark base; also, it's been ages since I saw any in stores]
12. Ulta Purple Haze (2)
13. OPI The Color to Watch (3)
14. Ulta Ka-bloom (1)
15. Claire's Periwinkle (3) [really pretty; I think I need to start going to Claire's again]
16. Revlon Mystical (2)
17. Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Garnet Lapis (3) [needs a dark base]
18. Ozotic 506 (2) [one of my nail polish regrets is not buying more Ozotic back in the day]
19. OPI Glacier Bay Blues (3)
20. OPI Russian Navy (2)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 14:

15 through 20:


  1. OMG!! Such a pretty nail wheel!!! @_@ I want to lick it and I'm not sure why....

  2. I like a lot of the not too dusty/grey tone ones :)
    Hahahaha Lizzy, you gave me a good laugh LOL

  3. I love all the shimmers! I really need to start swatching all my polish on wheels/sticks sometime! I really want Revlon Mystical now

  4. Some stunning polishes there! I do like these type of colours :-)

  5. Gorgeous! Nr. 15 might be my favourite! I must check my Claire's to see if they have that one here :)


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