Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Maybelline Color Show Veils

Today I've got swatches of all five of the Maybelline Color Show Veils, which the display calls "textured top coats", and I suppose that's technically true in that everything has a texture, even if that texture is smooth, but these are layering shimmers and glitters rather than what we nail mavens think of when we talk of textured polishes. Left to right: Amethyst Aura, Teal Beam, Crystal Disguise, Blue Glaze, Rose Mirage.

Amethyst Aura has medium sized purple hex glitter and very fine silver glitter in a clear base. I layered two coats of it (plus topcoat) over Maybelline Day Glow Teal.

Teal Beam has small matte glitter in turquoise and pale yellow green plus fine gold shimmer. I did two coats of it plus topcoat over Maybelline Walk in the Park, a very dark green creme.

I used black creme as a base for the next two, Crystal Disguise and Blue Glaze. Both of these are shimmer toppers; in the bottles, Crystal Disguise looks more white and Blue Glaze looks more blue, but on the nail over black, it was reversed. In the photo below, my top two fingers have two coats of Crystal Disguise over the black, and the others have two coats of Blue Glaze.

Close up of Crystal Disguise:

Close up of Blue Glaze:

Rose Mirage has small metallic hex glitter in rose gold and coppery orange in a clear base. I layered it over Maybelline Coral Heat and then added topcoat.

Overall, Maybelline got a nice variety in this small collection--a warm glitter and a cool one, matte and metallic glitter, shimmer. I just wish they'd replaced one of the shimmers with a flakie. I know they know about flakies; the Colorama line had some.


  1. I don't think there's one I don't like! I'll have to watch out for these!

  2. I think the last one will be my favourite...

  3. You chose some pretty layering combinations here :)

  4. Interesting polishes! They look good layered especially the first two! :-)

  5. hmmm Im still a little undecided on these polishes. But you made them look pretty good, I'm now leaning a little more towards getting them.

  6. They look pretty but i'm going to skip it has I'm in the shimmer not glitter phase :)

  7. Huh... Not what I expected... lol

  8. Those are nice! I totally disregarded them based on the whole "textured top coat" label but they are really nice. That will teach me to overlook a polish

  9. I'd call these glitters too, I don't see any texture here, at least not what I'm used to mean like that.
    BTW Crystal Disguise is a really intriguing one.

  10. I like Teal Beam (why call them textured??), but I agree with you about including a flakie in the collection.


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