Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pure Ice Sparkling Seas and New SinfulShine Colors

When I looked at my swatching boxes and saw how nicely my newest Pure Ice shades coordinated with my newest SinfulShine colors, I had to swatch them together. The SinfulShine colors are from the Declare Your Style display at Walgreens (see it in my early July roundup), while the Pure Ice are the Sparkling Seas collection, which I think came out this past spring, but which I didn't spot until early summer (that display in in my almost mid-June post). Top row: SinfulShine Sea Glisten, Shine Annie, and Too Cool for Pool. Bottom: Pure Ice Sea Glass, Mer-magical, and Sparkling Seas.

SinfulShine Sea Glisten is a spring green with pale blue shimmer and orange microglitter.

Pure Ice Sea Glass has iridescent glitter in a mix of sizes in a sheer pastel green base.

I couldn't not wear these pairs together, but I also wanted to see each on their own, so I did a sort of ombre with them. Top to bottom: Sea Glass (4 coats plus topcoat), Sea Glisten (2 coats) plus Sea Glass (2 coats plus topcoat), Sea Glisten (3 coats), Sea Glisten (2 coats).

I liked these best together. On its own, Sea Glass is too sheer for my taste; the combination of visible nail line and a green tint just looks unattractive to me. Sea Glisten is certainly an interesting shimmer; the pale blue is subtle but definitely visible. The orange microglitter reminds me of OPI Sheer Your Toys but these speckles are a little more aggressive; I'm just not sure the orange is a good combination with the green, but I give them points for doing something unexpected.

SinfulShine Too Cool for Pool is a cornflower blue with pink microflakie shimmer.

Pure Ice Sparkling Seas has iridescent glitter in a mix of sizes in a sheer pastel blue base.

I did a similar ombre with this pair. Left to right: Sparkling Seas (4 coats plus topcoat), Too Cool for Pool (2 coats) plus Sparkling Seas (2 plus topcoat), Too Cool for Pool (3), Too Cool for Pool (also 3, as I didn't like how it looked at 2)/

I'm slightly more okay with sheer blue than sheer green, but I still think Sparkling Seas looks better over a colored base. Too Cool for Pool has no speckles, just shimmer; it's like a darker, more saturated version of SinfulColors Cinderella.

SinfulShine Shine Annie is a cherry red with pink, gold, and red microflakie shimmer.

Pure Ice Mer-magical has iridescent glitter in a mix of sizes in a sheer warm pink base.

I used the same ombre approach for these two as for the pair above, same number of coats and everything.

Sheer pink looks okay to my eyes, so I might wear Mer-magical by itself. It does look good over the red, though, and the red looks good by itself, too, with the tri-colored shimmer.

To compare the Pure Ice glitters to each other, I layered them over black, the great equalizer. Left to right below (over Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme): Mer-magical (2 coats), Sparkling Seas (2), Sea Glass (2), one coat of each. All fingers have topcoat.

The glitter mix in all three is similar, though I think I can see some subtle variation in the colors, especially in the smallest particles. Sea Glass also seems like it has more glitter, though that could just have been variation in my application.

I was curious how the Pure Ice compared to the Zoya Bubbly glitters, so I pulled out Harper, which is a similar pink to Mer-Magical. Left to right below: Mer-magical (3 coats), Harper (2), Mer-magical (1 coat) over black, Harper (1) over black.

These are similar, but the Zoya has more color in its base and an abundance of gold shimmer that the Pure Ice does not.

Finally, since I wasn't keen on Sea Glass and Sparkling Seas worn alone, I thought I'd try them in a funky French, with Sea Glisten and Too Cool for Pool as tips.

I love how these two trios coordinate with each other, and I actually like all of the colors individually as well. Sure, the SinfulShine green is a bit odd, with the orange speckles, but I have a fondness for odd things. The Pure Ice glitters are pur layering polishes as far as I'm concerned, and since I like layering, I'm cool with that.


  1. Oh I love that mani, came out really well. I only started buying Pure Ice not long ago and I'm quite pleased with the quality/value. Tood bad my local shop doesn't stock many colors so I pretty much snag whatever I find but I haven't seen these.

  2. Great post! I love all the comparisons and combos.

  3. Oh my, I like them all! Really liking that funky french too!

  4. I'm not real keen on the sheerness of these, but that funky french you did looks awesome!

  5. The glitter mix really is the same - but what a pretty mix :)

  6. I prefer it not sheer - what a great looks of the green one on your middle finger!

  7. I like the look of the Pure Ice polishes! Wow they look so nice :-)

  8. Neato! I already snagged the awesome Pure Ice glitters, I'll have to hunt down the new SinfulShine ones since they do match so well. I like the French idea... I love sheer polishes, but since my whites are stained right now this would be a good way to cover them up. I'm also happy with the Zoya comparison... I love their Bubbly collection, but just wasn't comfortable with their prices.

  9. Oooh, those did go together rather nicely. ^_^ I especially like your funky frenches!

  10. These polishes make perfect combinations!


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