Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sparkly Accessories from Mont Bleu Plus a Poll

Two posts in one day? Believe it. My photo folders are overstuffed with things I want to shared, so I'm doubling up today. I could have bumped the nail wheel, as I so often have done in the past, but it's just getting back to its routine so I didn't want to disrupt that.

I've written before about how much I like Mont Bleu crystal nail files, so I was delighted a while back to get another package of goodies from them to review.

The file in this package was the large 195mm long size; you could do a lot of filing with this before having to stop and wash it.

Here's a comparison of the big file with the medium (135mm) and small (90mm) sizes I usually use. I keep a small one in my purse at all times and like it so much I ordered a half dozen similar ones to give to friends.

Another thing I keep in my purse is a bag hanger (the one I wrote about in this post). This package had a bag hanger as well, decorated with clear, red, and burgundy crystals. Nice as that was, I was immediately distracted by the compact mirror, the top of which is completely covered with different sizes of red and wine crystals.

The compact is gorgeous, and feels so solid in my hand. This is a special occasion piece, perfect for primping in public.

Continuing the elegant theme, the package also contained a wooden handled hair brush decorated with red and clear crystals. The bristles are a combination of boar and nylon massage pins. It's by far the nicest hair brush I've ever owned.

Rounding out the package was a jewelry set in red crystals: bracelet, earrings, and ring.

The Design Glassware by Mont Bleu website has products like these plus many more available for purchase. Right now I've got my eye on a bracelet made with aurora boreale crystals. Every shipment I've got from them has been well packaged and arrived in good shape. The files I ordered came in less than two weeks despite having to cross the ocean to get to me.

In other Mont Bleu news, they invited me to participate in a competition for bloggers to submit ideas for new designs for nail files. I was asked to come up with three ideas and then have you, my readers, vote on the one you like best. Your choice will be submitted with the winning designs from the other bloggers participating, then the Mont Bleu experts will pick the winner. That winning design will be produced by Mont Bleu and the winning blogger will be awarded a set of the files with the design. Of course, should the fates align and my design win, I would do a giveaway awarding files to readers, without whom there would be no blog and no opportunities like this.

After pondering, I decided on the following ideas. Please excuse my rough mockups; my contact at Mont Bleu assures me their designers and work with any type of sample/draft, which is good as my image editing skills are not the best.

#1 Nine Patch

This was inspired by one of my other hobbies, quilting, and incorporates two shades of my favorite color, purple, with an accent of green, which is calling to me more and more.

#2 Double Rainbow

This design illustrates my theory that if two or three colors are good, six are better.

#3 Elegance

And this last design is the other side of the coin, showing that sometimes restraint is called for.

Voting starts now and will continue through July 25th. The poll will be on my sidebar for the duration (just under the About Me block).

Which is your favorite design for the Mont Bleu competition?

The products shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider, and I get to keep the products for my own use.


  1. Replies
    1. mrsrexy, thanks! At this point, I have no idea who I'm up against but it was fun thinking up ideas in any case. :)

  2. Ohhh it is hard to pick! I love all three designs! I did vote though.

    Gosh all these items are sooo pretty. I love crystals so pretty much anything with crystals is going to grab my attention. Such cool stuff.

  3. Great ideas! As turtlechick12 I would have voted them all, it's been a really hard choice!

  4. Dude.... that compact is frightening! You could use it for self-defense. O_O Blind 'em with the bling then *CRACK* right to the face. lol

  5. WOW you are such a lucky girl - I love their products!

  6. Don't you feel just like a Princess using that jeweled hairbrush and carrying that bejeweled compact mirror? I love all the files' designs.

  7. Such great looking products! Nice :-)

    Elegance got my vote - it looks stunning :-)


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