Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wheel Q6: Glitters from Love My Nails and Others

One of the patriotic glitters I used for my 4th of July mani was from Love My Nails; I found it by flipping through my nail wheels looking for appropriate color combinations, so it seemed only right that this edition of Nail Wheel Wednesday feature the very wheel I spotted it on, which just happens to be in my backlog. This wheel is dominated by Love My Nails glitters, which used to be available at WalMart—I want to say I bought most of mine around 4 years ago—but now seems to be only online. I found one site selling them for 9.99 a bottle, which is about five times the price I recall them being when they were in stores.

(all three coats except as noted below; ones marked with * required more fishing for glitter than I'd prefer)

1. Love My Nails Crystal
2. Love My Nails Pink Surprise [the diamond shaped glitters were the big draw in this one; at the time I bought it, there were very few diamond glitters to be had]
3. Love My Nails Star Bright *
4. Love My Nails Dazzling
5. Love My Nails Pretty in Pink
6. Love My Nails Crazy for You *
7. Love My Nails Diva (4 coats) [note the stealth bar glitter in here]
8. Love My Nails Glory [the bars in this are a bit long for me but as infrequently as I'll wear it, I can deal; it does look festive and explode-y like fireworks]
9. Love My Nails Mardi Gras [looks like a lot of these glitters aren't holding their color]
10. Love My Nails Cosmos *
11. Love My Nails Violets Are Blue *
12. Love My Nails Blue for You *
13. Love My Nails All That [this blew my mind at the time—square glitter!—and holds up great even now]
14. Confetti Tazmanian Devil [I never could resist a multi-colored glitter]
15. Confetti Pink Confetti
16. Confetti Party Palace Blue
17. Pixel Extreme High Frequency [same idea as Party Palace Blue but a little less glittery and a touch greener]
18. Pixel Oh Wow
19. RL Glamour Pink [the smattering of holo hexes in here really make this much more interesting than the plain rose glitter I thought it was at first; I do not know what RL stands for, if anything, as I got this in a swap and it's the only one I have from this brand]
20. Fing'rs unlabelled light blue bear [the only bear bottle in my stash]

Bottles 1 through 7:

8 through 13:

14 through 16:

17 through 20:

A lot of these would benefit from being layered over a dark color. Maybe that'll be one of my retirement projects when the time comes—painting glitter wheels with different color bases.


  1. Such a lovely collection of glitters! Hehe I would have just bought 20 for the bottle alone! :-)

  2. I don't remember Love My Nails... though I didn't start seriously dissecting polish displays 'til two years ago. So pretty!!! @_@

  3. I think #16 is my favorite, like tiny glitters, they are so useful for sponging!


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