Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sally Girl Sweet Candy Dreams

I was intrigued by the "soft touch effect" promised by the Sally Girl Sweet Candy Dreams display, so went ahead and bought all four; at 99 cents a piece, they easily fit into my polish budget.

I started with Lemon Drop, the yellow. Contrary to this shade's reputation, this one was well behaved; three coats made it pretty much opaque, with no streakiness issues. This dried to a shinier finish than I'd expect based on the "soft touch" label, but it definitely wasn't full gloss. I'd say it falls between a regular creme and the Orly Plastix rubberized finish.

You know I can't leave a plain color alone for long, so I grabbed Funky Fingers Hand Jive, which hadn't made it back to the stash from its play session the other day. I did one coat of Hand Jive plus clear topcoat on three of my digits and left the index finger alone.

I moved on to Gummy Bear, the pink. This was also three coats.

To jazz up Gummy Bear, I added two coats of Funky Fingers Hand Jive and Pink Ladies on alternate nails then slicked on clear topcoat.

So pretty, especially in low direct light:

Candy Coated, the blue, was up next. I again used three coats; this seemed a bit more sheer than the first two.

I alternated Funky Fingers T'birds and Greased Lightnin' on top of Candy Coating, using two coats of the glitters.

I saved Grape Taffy, the purple, for last. It's a red violet shade. As with the blue, three coats of this seemed a touch on the sheer side. I don't know if the finish on this is glossier than the other three or if my patience was just running out and I didn't let it dry long enough.

I added one coat of Funky Fingers Beauty School Dropout to Grape Taffy; I loved this combination.

This Sally Girl collection says "summer" to me; the colors are so bright and cheerful. I wish the finish were a touch more rubbery to set them apart more.


  1. They look really squishy! :) I like the glitter you added :)

  2. I agree with Marianne, they do look really squishy!

  3. Blue and yellow are my favourite! :)

  4. Interesting finishes - they look good and I like your additions to them :-D

  5. Hi dear Karen! Gummy bear alone is the colour I prefer between all!

  6. How do you get three coats out of those tiny little bottles? o_O I just did three coats of a brand new Julep and there's already a sad depreciation in the bottle...


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